There’s an insane Brooklyn internet soaking going on from the website, a quick googling of the site shows deleted comments everywhere from OTBKB to A Brooklyn Life. Now I totally understand why these and other sites would delete their comments. The website is titled “A Place to Hate Hipsters” and does nothing but antagonize and insult the hipster community. It’s just a mean-spirited site. Which in and of itself is kinda funny since the hipsters hate being called hipsters. Go figure.

Now, I’m not a Hipster Hater per se but I do enjoy a good hipster joke as much as the next local. There’s something about them drinking PBR that I just don’t get. PBR sucks, truly. Drink a real beer for God’s sake. Throw a black and tan down your emaciated throat. And it’s not like they aren’t laughing at us for whatever reasons we don’t understand. Hey, start your own site – or whatever. I promise to laugh at that, too.

Anyway, I just wanted to say it’s funny. It’s politically incorrect humor – the best kind, the offensive kind.

Yeah, so there is a Brooklyn, Ohio. I think it’s only fair that about 100,000 guido’s move from Brooklyn, NY to Brooklyn, Ohio and start opening up pizza stores, soccer cafe’s, social clubs, pork stores etc. They can walk around in Sergio Tachinni’s, slicked back hair, drive down Main Street blasting techno. Does that sound ridiculous? I’m sure hipsters would say that there is nothing wrong with that. But I think it’s a good comparison as to what has happened here. It’s just as ridiculous. Oh and to the other annoying filthy transplants from Minnesota, and other mid-west states this applies to you too.

Now go edit a film, go record a demo, go get your latte, go mess up your hair, go splash some paint on your clothes and have a great Sunday! (Not that you know or care what day of the week it is anyway)

What I find especially funny in this post is dissing Brooklyn and the Midwest hipsters who come to play here. It’s stereotyping in all it’s fine glory.


And though I expect there might be a bit of a backlash for this website – I can see it now, websites and hipsters joining together to designate a danger to society, comparing it to the likes of the KKK and contributing the site to local ‘hate’ crimes against the unwashed twentysomethings on Bedford Ave. Our days our numbered before the hipsters are considered their own ‘race’.

In the meantime, I just say let the first amendment live and breath and get a chuckle out of the posts.

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  1. i understand the point of that diehipster post, but it’s not like places in the midwest have vegan cafes and record stores all over the place.

    as for pbr, i thought hipsters drank it because it’s usually a dollar cheaper than the next cheapest beer anyone carries. i may be a hipster, but i don’t drink beer so i don’t really know.

  2. Most of the touchstones that website uses could be applied to nearly any city in the United States and are generally kind of dated references. Which leads me to believe that the whole thing, coupled with the shoddy website, is an intentionally poorly done parody of people who make websites/screeds like that.

  3. jw,

    youre kind of right but wrong. The reason the website wouldn’t impress a guru like yourself is because I dont have to time to make it look like the kind of site you would make. It’s a just a blog to throw a few common streotypes up on and laugh for a few seconds. Don’t forget, a lot of NYers find them (hipsters) annoying but don’t know the story behind them and don’t know all the stereo types. So it literally takes me 5 minutes to post something and then I walk away. If you don’t like it then GFYS. If you laugh then laugh with me. But why am i reasoning with a hipster in the first place? Shame on me. Enjoy your frapa mocha docha soya herbal latte tomorrow!

  4. aw, diehipster. I’m a little jealous you responded to jw and not me. i made a valid point! you didn’t even respond on your own website 🙁

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