The New York Post has a (semi) interesting article comparing the music scenes of Manhattan and Williamsburg as some sort of West Side Story.

“Manhattan hipsters are definitely more into fashion, or at least labels,” says DJ Mike Nouveau, part of Manhattan party promoters the Ruff Kids, who are often seen in clothes by the trendy brand Surface to Air. “Where someone I know might go to Barneys to buy an outfit, someone in Brooklyn will go to [used clothing store] Beacon’s Closet.”

As far as I can tell, these Brooklyn hipsters seem to be more into being utter dirtbags. I thrift with the best of them but at the McCarren Pool Modest Mouse concert Saturday night I saw entirely too many ‘hipsters’ looking like homeless derelicts. Chicks with dirty feet, guys with hair that has clearly not been washed in more than a few days, possibly weeks! Everyone smelled like ass. And not just the ‘it’s hot today so I smell like ass’, the real deal ‘you haven’t cleansed your body in a long time smell like ass’ way. It was kinda nasty.

But the worst part are the shoes. I mean, the drunk bums on the corner of Greenpoint & Manhattan Ave have better footwear than these people. In fact, I think some of these hipsters were wearing their hand-me-downs. Shoes not just with holes in them, but shoes that were literally hanging on by a thread. Sneakers that looked like they walked through a minefield or that maybe they took down off those wires in the street where they hung since 1985.

Someone please explain to me what the style is in looking (and smelling) like a homeless person.

And here I thought the bedbug epidemic was coming from twenty Poles or Mexicans living in one apartment. Duh.


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  1. funny. on the L this morning i was thinking about how maybe deodorant companies should advertise a little more in brooklyn as my nose once again was forcibly stuck in this dudes armpit while simultaneously dodging the dandruff that sprinkled off his gross head every time the train shook.

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