It was a great weekend in the hood. The weather was awesome, it was a bit light on people and I scored a cute bag thrifting.

Saturday we hit Acapulco for a late lunch, hit The Thing and the Salvation Army thrift stores and got some Tasty D-Lite. Sunday we had breakfast at Greenpoint Coffee House, walked over to Beacon’s Closet, checked out Superbad in Union Square and since lunch was so good on Saturday we hit Acapulco again for dinner on Sunday night. I swear that place is the best deal in the nabe.

Three day weekends are my favorite times to stay local. While everyone else is fighting traffic out to Long Island or Jersey, I get to sleep late and cruise all my favorite places without the hordes of people. With such a gorgeous weekend like we had, if it wasn’t Labor Day Greenpoint would have been overrun with everyone and their mother hanging out. Instead, it was truly relaxing and fun.

Yeah and so I did a Greenpointers MySpace page, too. Come stalk it.

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