Bee’s, Greenpoint BK
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I cannot believe Socrates is closed! Fine, it wasn’t the classiest joint in the world but it was there forever. What’s next? Three Decker?? For the record, I will personally flip the fuck out if that happens.

I ate at Socrates as a kid. I ate at Socrates as a teenager. I ate at Socrates not even a month ago! My parents and I used to do breakfast there every Saturday. I remember when they just opened that garden of theirs. I thought it was the most gorgeous alfresco dining experience of my life. Granted I was like 9, but still.

Two months ago it was Bee’s, now Socrates. Seeing all my childhood places disappear is making me so sad. So now what’s gonna go there? Another “too expensive for me to afford” place? I mean, will I have to start cooking?


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  1. i feel for you. a ton of the places i went as a kid, that were so old and totally town institutions have gone the way of socrates. even places i didn’t go, but were just always there feel like a little bit of history being erased, you know?

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