I got a bike!! I was little resistant at first, but my boy said c’mon already let’s get bikes! I didn’t know what I was missing..real mobility, wind in you hair, speed loving mobility. I LOVE it. Our first trip was through the LES over the Williamsburg Bridge and back to Greenpoint. What an adventure for me. I just know when I am able to cycle at a greater incline of 20 degrees my bike will provide me with the newest of horizons.

On our way back to Gpoint, sweaty and a little overheated we stopped at Diamond Bar for a cold one and a few games of shuffle board and rubber ring toss. I think these games have fancier names, but right now I don’t feel like researching. Diamond currently has the greatest summer beer on tap called Hop Sun. I forget who makes it, but it sure is refreshing. Justine and baby sis came by to see the new bicycles and my lovely other half decided he was going to do wheelies up and down Franklin St.

He’s not exactly 13 anymore, so I suggest he practice before attempting again. Oh, and maybe he should try it sober too. When we get home he realizes he doesn’t have his wallet.

“Musta been the wheelies I was trying”

“Ya Think?”

I find it hard to believe his wallet flew out from his athletic wheelie trying, but I won’t tell him that. Turns out he just left it on the bar. Us Greenpointers, we sure are honest.

While at the Diamond I learned two new tidbits of neighborhood information. One – the Diamond will be getting food real soon (this was actually printed in the blurbs of various magazine reviews, but so was Brooklyn Label’s pending liquor license, and where is that?)! And two – we’re getting a bowling alley! How exciting is that? It’s going to be on Franklin St, brought to us by the guys who opened Barcade.


It better have a liquor license and food.

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  1. Be careful riding your bike in Brooklyn. These streets weren’t designed for so many out of state, i-pod wearing, “I have the right of way, all of the time” bikers. Remember, you’re in the city now, not Kansas!

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