I know you’ve missed me… don’t lie, I can tell. Anyways last week was super busy, work, partying and still not entirely moved in I haven’t had the chance to blog or as Justine says I’ve been lazy. You say tomato I say fuck you.

That lovely motto is on one of my favorite tee shirts; a gift from my dear friend Lizzy. Dear friend that I haven’t seen in months. Okay I am lazy; especially about keeping tabs on friends, family, actually anyone really. I am pretty cool with the dude at the Bodega on Greenpoint & Manhattan, we keep in touch daily.

So months ago I blogged about the lack of dining options in the nabe. Well don’t you know it, Brooklyn Label launched their Dinner Menu. Woo hoo! More choices? I practically ran there when I heard. The verdict? I can’t fully review the dinner menu until I’ve tasted more of the tasty offerings. So far, I’ve tried the Greek Salad (which doesn’t really count because I think it was on the original menu) and the veggie burger. Both were fantastic. I am really looking forward to returning soon to try the 3 different macaroni and cheese dishes..could it get any better?

Old Mac premium pasta with gruyere, cheddar, parmesan and b├ęchamel, add hot dog or veggie dog $3
Chorizo Mac old mac with chorizo, diced jalapeno, green onion, cilantro and chili powder
Basil Mac old mac with fresh tomato, basil and basil pesto add hot dog or veggie dog $3

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