Last night on my way home I stopped to get some pizza and walked home down Franklin and I spied something that seemed interesting. Right next door to Pencil Factory there was storefront with bright lights coming through the thinly curtained windows. Could be just a bunch of hipsters or Poles are moving into a storefront as an apartment or perhaps it’s a new place opening up?

Seemed to look like a retail sort of space as opposed to a bar or restaurant. I don’t think there was anything there before, either. The idea of another brand new joint is very exciting to me. Though I don’t why, considering whatever they’re selling I probably can’t afford.

Anybody know the deal?

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  1. it may be new general catalog, which is a small gallery that never seems to be open, but has been around for a good while. I wish they would create more of a presence for themselves, because it would be great to get some functioning galleries going in Greenpoint.

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