After work last night, I ended up eating at Del Frisco’s in midtown. I started thinking of how often I eat out (practically every night) and particularly how often I venture outside Greenpoint to do so.

After a weekend of dining at Taco Chulo & Dumont, I realize I am no longer so enamored with the closely local eateries. So I find myself heading to Billyburg pretty regularly to partake in the culinary delights they have to offer.

I mean I am lazy, so I usually end up at the regular few spots


Now since Top Chef is my favorite show, I was thrilled when I found out the owner/chef from Paloma was going to be on it. Wow! A really local chef on the best show ever..

Well, they never even gave Camille any air time..I mean – NONE. Poor thing didn’t even get to explain her food creations until she was told “pack your knives..”

Now I eat at Paloma often, a little too often. Before the show started I had never even seen Camille. Boy has that changed, she’s around every time I go in now.

Did I mention she is hot? I mean tiny little Latina hot. I recommend that all the single men in the tri-state area to visit Paloma just to get a glimpse of Camille. Mussels, fries & Camille – yum.

While all of the above places are good.. I’m getting so bored.

I need people to open up more restaurants here! Or maybe you can change the menus more often?? Just a thought…(this suggestion does not apply to The Queen’s Hideaway)

For the record, Justine I know you’re thinking it.. I am not a lesbian (nor am I anti-lesbian, or should I say pro-dick). However, I like to put Camille on a shelf in my kitchen, she’s that cute.

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  1. Have you tried the Brooklyn version of NYC long-timers San Loco? It’s on N. 4th and if it’s anything like their 2nd Ave place – YUM! (haven’t tried the Bklyn version yet) I highly recommend their guaco locos.

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