925 Affordable Apartments Available in Long Island City in Queens


Hunter’s Point South Commons and Hunter’s Point South Crossing offer a variety of moderately priced rent stabilized apartments.

All along the East River, in Brooklyn and in Queens, shiny new high-rise apartment buildings are going up. These towers boast deluxe amenities and stunning views. Those New Yorkers with limited incomes would be forgiven for thinking that an apartment in one of these buildings would be out of their reach. However, thanks to various government initiatives, many of these buildings are mixed-income developments that offer affordable housing options.

Hunter’s Point South Commons and Hunter’s Point South Crossing are the first two mixed-income residential buildings at Hunter’s Point South in Long Island City. All 925 units are moderately priced rent stabilized apartments. They are offering studio apartments for as low as $494 a month, 1-bedrooms for $689, 2-bedrooms for $835, and 3-bedrooms for $959. As you can imagine, the demand for these apartments is high, and qualified applicants should apply to be entered into the lottery.

You must submit your application by December 15, 2014, to be entered into the lottery system. Income restrictions apply for each unit, so make sure you read through their qualifications. The city will give a seven percent preference to mobility, hearing and/or visually impaired households, a 50 percent lottery preference to residents of Queens Community Board 2, and a five percent preference to current New York City municipal employees.

This brand-new complex offers 925 total apartments with a variety of layouts. The LEED Silver designed buildings feature public terraces, fitness centers, tech centers, bike storage, a community roof garden, party rooms, laundry rooms, and a parking garage. Both buildings will be fully staffed with 24-hour lobby attendants, as well as an on-site resident manager. The apartments themselves will include dishwashers, and each of the 2-and 3-bedroom units have in-unit washers and dryers.

You can apply through Housing Connect or by submitting a paper application via written request to Hunter’s Point South Living, 1357 Broadway, Box 308, New York, NY 10018. Applications must be submitted or postmarked no later than December 15, 2014, and you are only allowed to submit one application, which will then be entered in the lottery system. Qualified applicants will be notified of their housing lottery status in early 2015, and the first group of selected residents is expected to move in in the spring of 2015.

For more information on the buildings and application process, be sure to visit the Hunters Point South Living website.

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HGTV at LIC Flea this Saturday (6/7)


HGTV's Flea Market Flip Filming This Saturday at LIC Flea!

Flea market diggers, hunters and deal finders (I’m looking at you!) head over to the LIC Flea this Saturday and snag a sneak-peek at an upcoming episode of HGTV’s hit show – Flea Market Flip! You may even find yourself on national television! Lara Spencer of Good Morning America will be on deck, as host of this great show. Continue reading

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Visiting Hours at the New York State Pavilion

This may have happened today in Flushing, Queens, but nevertheless Greenpointers is ON IT.  Today, for a mere three hours, visitors were invited into the remnants of the New York State Pavilion.  This building is one of the structures remaining from the 1964 New York World’s Fair, and is currently in the spotlight as the 50th anniversary of the World’s Fair is upon us.  It’s also been in the news lately as a variety of restoration efforts are being contemplated.

The line for a tour of the NY State Pavilion.

Continue reading

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LIC Flea & Food Back in Action with Food, Antiques, Fashion and More Shopping


Long Island City is not as far as you think. And it’s definitely worth the trip over the Pulaski Bridge if you ‘re looking to discover a great shopping and mouthwatering eats at the LIC Flea, which METRO recently named the #1 market in New York City. Plus, it’s bigger and less overrun with tourists than a certain other market (*cough* Williamsburg Flea).

Queen’s biggest outdoor flea, the market brings together food from the best vendors and shopping for antiques, fashion, furniture and home décor, jewelry, art, collectibles and more, kicking off its second season this Saturday and Sunday, 4/5 & 4/6, from 10 am- 6 pm. Continue reading

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Celebrate Halloween With Your Pet at LIC Flea – This Saturday & Sunday – Costume Contest & Photo Booth!


Costume from Spoil My Bitch

Forget about your own Halloween costume this year – tricking out your pet is so much more fun! And don’t worry – the whimpering and awkward limping really means they love it. When it comes to Pet Halloween Costume Contests – winning is all that matters!

Bring your four-legged friends this Saturday and Sunday to LIC Flea & Food for an early Halloween.

With just two weeks to go, LIC Flea is hosting a pet costume contest this weekend. Visitors will be able to bring their four-legged furry friends to participate in the first pet costume Halloween contest.

If you don’t have a costume for your pet, LIC Flea vendor Spoil My Bitch mobile pet boutique will have a selection of costumes for small to big dogs you can purchase. Options include a fantasy dragon, duck, sailor, basketball player, sailor and even a cow.

Kiki Pet Photography will be taking photos of all the participants and a winner will be awarded prizes including LIC Flea & Food Bucks, a gift card to Ricky’s, a free 20-day potty break package from LIC Dogwalk, a free dog consult from Pooch Pals, a free office exam from City Vet and a discounted photo session with Kiki Pet Photography.

Visitors will also be able to donate clean dog items and unopened food and treats to “Rock & Rawhide” for dogs in need. Those people looking for a furry friend to call their own will also have the chance to adopt a pet through the pet adoption agency Zani’s Furry Friends, which will be at LIC Flea.

You can sign up for the contest online at http://queenscourier.com/lic-flea-pet-costume-contest/ or just come out to LIC Flea, located at 5-25 46th Avenue in Long Island City.

Besides pets, LIC Flea & Food has over 70 vendors selling everything from furniture, antiques, art, fashion, jewelry and amazing food vendors. Plus pick up a pumpkin at the LIC Flea Pumpkin Patch bringing pumpkins of all shapes and sizes direct from the farm. Don’t miss out because LIC Flea & Food is only open outdoors for two more weekends!

Check out www.licflea.com or www.facebook.com/licflea for more information.

Sponsored Post courtesy of LIC Flea.

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LIC Flea: Fashion, Football and a Free Ride From Greenpoint

Harold & Maude Vintage @ LIC Flea

Discover the other borough known as Queens by taking advantage of the biggest outdoor market in that neck of the woods! Enjoy over 70 vendors, just one nabe over from Greenpoint.

LIC Flea (5-25 46th Ave, LIC) is open every Saturday and Sunday from 10am-6pm through October 27.

Sign up now to get a FREE bus ride, courtesy of LIC Flea, that will pick you up at the intersection of Nassau and Manhattan Avenues. Or hop on the East River Ferry one stop, ride your bike or just make it a nice walk.

NYC Fashion Week may end on September 12 and Williamsburg Fashion Weekend on September 14, but for the designers and vendors at the LIC Flea & Food, fashion never goes out of season.

Amidst the carefully curated selection of food, furniture, jewelry, collectibles and antiques that dot the large waterfront lot in Long Island City at 5-25 46th Avenue, one block behind the iconic Pepsi Cola sign, are vendors and innovative new designers whose sense of fashion and style are as harmoniously varied as the Flea’s clientele.

Check out Harold & Maude Vintage’s bold patterned bowties; Back Thennish’s vintage home décor, jewelry and accessories; The Nomad Truck’s part-gypsy/part-rock-and-roll handmade and vintage ladies’ fashions; Zachary Alexander’s dancer-friendly designs; and more from vendors such as Pin Up QueensShop Dabo, and Baked Apple.

There is also plenty for the little fashionista among us, at kids clothing vendors Little Wowwa and Rummage 718. To top it all off we even have fashion for your pooch from Spoil My Bitch.

For those not into shopping, take advantage of our football challenge with one winner taking away $50 to spend at the market.

Get a taste of the flyest flea in town, which Metro New York has dubbed the #1 Market in NYC and what HGTV considered a market worth featuring in a recent episode of “Flea Market Flip.”

For more info on special events and new vendors, sign up for the LIC Flea e-newsletter at LICFlea.com and follow them on Facebook and Twitter @licflea.

Sponsored post courtesy of LIC Flea.

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No G Train Service This Weekend (from Greenpoint Ave to Ct. Square)

From MTA Weekender:

Reminder: due to Sandy Recovery work there are no trains between Nassau Av and Court Sq. Free shuttle buses provide alternate service.

Manhattan Ave shuttle buses run between Nassau Av and Court Sq, stopping at Greenpoint Av and 21 St.

McGuinness Blvd shuttle buses run between Lorimer St and Court Sq,
stopping at Nassau Av, Greenpoint Av and 21 St.

Weekends, 11:45 PM Fri to 5 AM Mon, Jul 5 – 8 • Jul 12 – 15 • Jul 19 – 22

I know this totally blows, but this giff makes up for it just a little wee bit.

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Peregrine Falcon Lunch Date at Martin Luther High School

I got an exciting email from K, who works at Martin Luther School in Maspeth. Yesterday, what she believed was a hawk joined the students for lunch, enjoying a freshly hunted seagull. After taking a look at the photo and seeing the distinct eye marking and dark head, I believe that this is a Peregrine Falcon.

Why is this bird so awesome? “The Peregrine is renowned for its speed, reaching over 322 km/h (200 mph) during its characteristic hunting stoop (high speed dive), making it the fastest member of the animal kingdom.” (Wiki.) What a sighting! It might be suspicious to lurk around the school grounds with binoculars, but I need to get a look at this bird! Great shot, K! 

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Missing: Jan Matlak

UPDATE: Jan has been found. Thank you to everyone who spread the word!
Karen Nieves sent a call out for help finding a friend’s father. The Matlak family is originally from Greenpoint, so any Greenpointers who have moved on to the Queens regions, share and keep a look out.

Hi all,

My friend’s dad has been missing for over 24hrs. He has Alzheimer’s and the family is devasted. Currently he lives in Woodhaven Queens but is originally from Greenpoint. I have attached a flyer with all the details. Please spread the word.

Thank you

Karen Nieves

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Questions: Greenpoint, Queens?

*image from specmotors

Greenpoint is clearly in Brooklyn, but we’re sooooo close to Queens that sometimes people even think we’re in Queens. I dated a guy in Sunnyside and it literally took me like 8 minutes on the B24 – with stops – to get to his house. Different boroughs, but we both lived off Greenpoint Avenue.

Which brings me to a question from Nadir of Tales from the Mutliverse:

As you have mentioned before, as you grew up in Greenpoint you would hike to Queens more often than south to other areas of Brooklyn. And on my treks though the neighborhood over the years I have noticed that even the architecture seems far more Queens like than Brooklyn like, even more so than Williamsburg. So my question I guess is asking more for your opinion than not, but what trends have shaped the development of Greenpoint that acts like and seems more of a satellite of Queens than a neighborhood of Brooklyn? Or you know disagree with me. That will be fine as well.

I have to say I agree with you.

Greenpoint definitely has more of a Queens feel to it than a Brooklyn feel. I think that it simply has to do with our location. Had that whole water thing not been there, we’d probably have been part of Queens. Most of the people I know shopped, dined and went out in Queens than ever went further into Brooklyn. As a kid, my parents took me to the Queens Center Mall, we went to dinner at Sizzler or Red Lobster (now that I think about it, ew.). Me and the girls used to go to the bars on Queens Blvd. Breffni’s comes to mind especially…

I also agree that we’ve got a Queens borough state of mind when it comes to architecture as well. Not entirely, but our row houses of siding are less Brooklyn than our Billyburg neighbors. Also, I noticed years ago of the migration habits of Greenpointers. Most Brooklynites next stop is Staten Island, where as Queens folks or Brooklynites closer to Queens head to Long Island. Then Staten islanders flock to Jersey and Long Islanders just go further out on the Island. They all wind up in Florida, though.

But, we’ve definitely got the mentality of Brooklynites. We’re proud to be part of our borough and thankfully we don’t have Queens’ insane layout of numbered streets, avenues, lanes, roads and whatever else they could think of. Driving in Queens makes me want to blow my brains out. Which brings up another thing I’ve noticed, Greenpointers are more of a driving folk than other parts of Brooklyn. My parents never took the subway. Ever.

Probably because we were driving out to Queens.

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