A pop-up that once blessed Graham Avenue is working towards a storefront in Brooklyn, and it’s going to be amazing. Las Brewhas takes handmade soap and skincare products to the next level, sourcing their ingredients from the Amazon Rainforest and local New York farmers. 

Notably, Las Brewhas also prides itself in “blessing each product with healing Indigenous music, candles, and herbs.” With sustainability, culture, and spirituality as the pillars of the company, this female-founded & Latina-owned business is growing with the love and support of our very community, and it’s worth the hype.

Who are the powerhouses behind this exciting venture? Well, it’s a family affair!

Meet The Ramirez Family 

Gabby Ramirez and Janeth Ramirez-Valdivia, photo courtesy of Las Brewhas

Gabriella (Gabby) Ramirez, founder & producer, wears many hats, including but not limited to: collaborating with eco-friendly companies to ethically source all ingredients, hand-making all the products available, packaging products in eco-friendly recycled materials (even the tape is biodegradable!), and marketing for the company at large.

This NYC native grew up in Queens and recently moved to Brooklyn where the business is getting its start. From the age of 14, Ramirez began making her own shampoo, toothpaste, and skincare products to combat her struggles with sensitive skin. She continued her skincare studies by going to school to be an esthetician, after which Ramirez explored another passion of hers – culinary school! She worked as head chef at a few restaurants, and, right before the pandemic hit, Ramirez was spending most of her time working for a nonprofit enriching her knowledge of all things eco-friendly. 


While the pandemic did put her temporarily out of work, her mother, Janeth Ramirez-Valdivia, inspired her to combine her passion for health and the environment and create something new. Hence, Las Brewhas. Without her doting mother, Ramirez says the company would not be possible.

The company is also supported by the hard work of Gabby’s sister, Isabela (Bela) Ramirez. Bela Ramirez is responsible for the creation, upkeep, and project management of the technical side of Las Brewhas. Bela manages the Las Brewhas website, helps with social media marketing, and even created the company logo. 

Photo courtesy of Las Brewhas

Bruja + Brew = Brewhas

Inspired by their Colombian heritage, with a little nod towards witchcraft, the name Las Brewhas is a perfect embodiment of what it means for the Ramirez family to heal others (quite magically) with ingredients that come straight from the earth. 

Not wanting to contribute to the massive waste the city endures, it has been important to the whole Ramirez family to create a company that is extremely eco-conscious. In addition to sourcing her materials from local New York farmers, Gabby Ramirez also wanted to bring in indigenous influences from Latin America. After doing extensive preliminary research, Ramirez found a group on Facebook of indigenous women in the Amazon rainforest from whom she has also been sourcing her materials. 

Photo courtesy of Las Brewhas

Okay, so throw in ethically sourced materials + a little bit of ambiance + a lot of love… and what do you get? A long list of affordable products: from face washes to body scrubs, soaps, deodorants, conditioners, creams, masks, and body butters; Las Brewhas has an ever-growing catalog. 

This company is made possible with the hard work of these women, and you can support their endeavors in three important ways: by purchasing products directly from their website, by following Las Brewhas on social media to watch for pop-ups, and by contributing to their GoFundMe

The Storefront

For Las Brewhas to establish a presence in the Williamsburg/Greenpoint area, this Latina-owned, family-run company needs a little help from the neighborhood. With their GoFundMe, they are currently raising money to secure their dream storefront location. Learn more by clicking here.

Artistic collaboration is super important to Las Brewhas. With a stable place to call home, Las Bewhas intends to continue collaborating with other local QTBIPOC artists to create a supportive atmosphere in which small local businesses can uplift each other.

In the meantime, Las Brewhas offers pickup and delivery services, as well as in-person access to products at different pop-ups throughout the city. To follow along with their journey and to explore product options, visit their website and throw a follow to their Instagram @lasbrewhas.  

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