The local small business Skincare by Sol is a darling little oasis for one-on-one rejuvenation. When self-care is needed most, this local expert esthetician has your back, and in fact, your whole body! The business is run solely by its founder Soledad Flores, and she ensures that her clients have the most individualized experience possible. 

Photo courtesy of Sol Flores

Meet Soledad (Sol) Flores

With an itch for exploration, Soledad (Sol) Flores left her home in Argentina about 13 years ago. She was looking for a change and embarked on a personal quest to find a new place to call home. Flores ended up in Boston before moving to Queens, and while Boston wasn’t quite the change she was looking for, the opportunities in New York City really appealed to her. She’s been here ever since.

After falling in love with East Williamsburg about three years ago, she moved to the area from Queens and found her studio space in Greenpoint in September of 2020. Due to working many years in “NYC’s top spas,” her loyal clients from different parts of Queens, Greenpoint, and Williamsburg were all able to now experience her skills in this designated hub – 252 Java Street. 

Photo courtesy of @skincare_bysol

Flores always knew she never wanted a traditional 9-5 job. In the midst of her exploration, she also knew she wanted to practice cosmetology. She had been a cosmetologist in Argentina and got recertified in Queens as soon as she arrived. Helping others feel good about themselves is her passion. Flores shares that after she finishes a service, her favorite part is watching her client light up at the results. She loves seeing people happy in the skin they’re in, and she’s thrilled to be a part of that process. She recalls massaging her mother’s feet as a child and how the experience of making someone feel good stuck with her so deeply that it turned into her life’s work. With the power of self-care at the core of her services, Flores is excited to expand her base as more Greenpoint residents learn about her small business. 


The Skincare by Sol Experience

When you first arrive at 252 Java Street, you might note the uniqueness of the workshare environment. Otherwise known as Java Studios, 252 Java Street is the home to many artists and small businesses.

The Java Studio mission: “Since 2013 we have been providing studio space, building a community, and offering creative opportunities to artists like ourselves. Located in the heart of Greenpoint where entrepreneurship thrives, we serve as a platform for creation. By offering suitable, spacious, and efficient studio space for innovative minds, start-ups, and small businesses, we’re here to foster and facilitate your journey to success.”

via the Java Studio website

Skincare by Sol has found a home in that space, and Flores is happy to be among fellow entrepreneurs.  

Photo courtesy by @skincare_bysol

Set up with music and mood lighting, Flores ensures that the ambiance of her small space promotes comfort and relaxation. The room is cool, but she has a blanket at the ready just in case any client needs a bit of warmth. 

First things first: Flores brings out a light and determines what type of skin the client has and what type of treatment they will need from her. She makes sure to communicate what she notices in a kind way, and informs the client about what treatment she intends to provide. 

When I first went to Sol for a customized facial, she started with a Vitamin C Cleanser, followed by extractions, a mask, and LED light treatment. I left with a glowing complexion and long-lasting results. It’s clear that her gentle hands work some magic. 

 Flores’s expertise is well matched by her personability, her generosity, and her passion. Each aspect is at the heart of her company. 

Her Services

Whether you’re seeking anti-aging treatment, therapy for dry, oily, or combination skin, or a deep cleanse, Sol can do it all. She also sells the products she uses.

She offers treatments such as aromatherapy, chemical exfoliants / peels, custom facials, deep pore-cleansing facials, dermaplaning, express facials, LED therapy, hydra facials, microdermabrasion, vagacials, and various waxing services. 

Flores plans to add laser hair removal to her list of services once she finds preferred tools to ensure the most painless laser hair removal experience possible. She also hopes to eventually offer a CBD facial and intends on finding a local CBD vendor to collaborate with.

Doing everything herself hasn’t been easy, but she’s incredibly committed to this work. With time, Flores expects her team will grow, and she looks forward to taking Skincare by Sol to new heights. Instagram: @skincare_bysol 

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