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Greenpoint Power Couples – Beth & Chris, Eastern District

Beth Lewand & Chris Gray of Eastern District, on their wedding day in 2009

In the grand finale to our Valentine’s Day power couple series, we saved the most unique neighborhood love story for last, as it encompasses not one, but three couples with Greenpoint roots. Beth Lewand, who owns craft beer and cheese emporium Eastern District on Manhattan Avenue and Eagle Street with her husband Chris Gray, wrote a beautiful and historical narrative of her family’s relationship to the neighborhood. We think you’ll really enjoy it. Happy Valentine’s Day to our readers and to all the couples who shared the love in this series! Continue reading

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Recipes Gone Wild: Beth Lewand’s Random Green Gratin

Before becoming a Greenpointer, I was a Williamsburger, living near the bridge with a lovely French lady and her feisty kitten, whom we’ll call Tache (to protect the innocent). In what I understand as a typically French behavior, my roommate would not refrigerate her stinky cheeses, but rather would let them ripen, over the course of a week or so, atop the counter. Just like his caretaker, Tache the kitten was crazy for blue cheese in the way that most cats are crazy for catnip, and daily I’d hear my roommate cry out “Tache!!!! Nnnnnnnoooooooon!!!” upon finding her frommages pilfered and devoured by that mischievous fur ball. Poor Tache simply couldn’t resist an odiferous, bloomy blue. But where is this whole kittens and cheese tangent going? When I asked Beth Lewand of Eastern District if she’d like to help me think if something to cook this week, she sent her beautiful Random Green Gratin recipe, enhanced with ripe, tangy notes of firm and soft cheeses, a dish that no kitten could resist. Plus, if you know Beth, then you know she’s really into kittens. Can’t blame her. Kittens ‘n’ cheese. The epitome of the good life. Continue reading

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Featured Vendor: Eastern District

Mmmm… cheese and beer! Eastern District is a favorite Greenpoint specialty food market with particular expertise in craft beer and great cheese. At the Greenpointers Holiday Market, Eastern District will be selling their newly curated batch of gift boxes! Or as we like to call them PARTY BOXES – imagine what a party hit you’ll be if you bring this set to a holiday potluck!!! They are also a perfect host gift, especially if you’re crashing a few days.

You can either grab one to go, or they can ship it to you – how convenient!

Each gift box features a different assortment of delicious items, from farmstead cheeses made in upstate New York, to tasty snacks and condiments handcrafted in Brooklyn.

We love local foods – and your friends and family will love these gifts!

Follow Eastern District on Facebook and Twitter (@eastrict)

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Cheese-tober with Eastern District

There’s something important going on this month. Something epic. No, I’m not talking about the Government Shutdown. I’m talking about Cheese Month.

Have you been craving extra brie on your cracker and wondering why? Perhaps you’ve been eating parmesan right out of the shaker? Need an explanation? There’s an answer out there, somewhere in the murky light between heaven and space: Cheese-tober.

Cheese doesn’t discriminate. You can have it on a burger. You can eat it fried and breaded as a stick, dipped in marinara or even better, more cheese. You can have it on pizza, inside a hot dog, or on a wooden board if you feel like being classy. You can event add sugar and make it into a cake. This is AMERICA, a fair and free land where any person, big or small, rich or poor, can eat massive amounts of curdled dairy and no one, not even the leanest of vegans, can judge them. If that’s not democracy, I don’t know what is.

Continue reading

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Featured Vendors: Dutch Apple Stroop & Eastern District Cheese

It was a great pleasure sampling stroop in Transmitter Park with Carina of Dutch Artisan, who will be sharing a table with Eastern District at our market on Saturday. Like a good Dutch woman she biked to Greenpoint from Park Slope and told me her story while feeding me delicious globs of Dutch Apple Stroop.

I know you are wondering WTF is stroop? Well, it’s not jelly and it’s not jam – it’s its own thing – it’s stroop. It is made of apples from very old trees in Holland, tall apple trees. The apples are boiled down into what resembles molasses and has a sweet and tart prune flavor, and it is perfect with cheese – plus there are lots of great recipes where it can be used as well. I also tried some sweeter stroop, made with beets and apples and now I am enjoying it every morning on my toast. Continue reading

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Adelina’s & Eastern District Come Together For A Night Of Wine & Cheese! (3/20)

On Wednesday March 20, 2013 from 6-9pm Adelina’s Fraschetta Romana is teaming up with Eastern District, a nearby Beer & Cheese shop, for an evening showcasing some of our favorite wines and cheeses – at Adelina’s (159 Greenpoint Ave).

For $12 try 3 delicious pairings, available for one night only.

“We believe great food and drink is meant to be simply enjoyed, so the evening will be casual and unpretentious: a chance to try out some fabulous flavors without breaking the bank.”

This is sure to be a delicious and fun evening!

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Because The Super Bowl Is Cheesy…

Instead of filling your gut with nasty nacho cheese spread, why not pair some really good cheese with it’s beer best friend? Everybody wins.

Beth at Eastern District (1053 Manhattan Ave) has some great pairing suggestions:

• Lazy Lady Farm’s Trickle Down, a lightly aged goat’s milk cheese flavored with ginger and poppy seeds; with Southern Tier Eurotrash Pils, a crisp lager.

• Consider Bardwell Farm’s Rupert, a firm, tangy cow’s milk cheese; with Greenport’s hoppy Other Side IPA.

Fiscalini Vintage Cheddar, sharp and clean; with Ithaca’s aromatic Flower Power IPA.

Jasper Hill Farm’s soft, pungent Willoughby; with Brooklyn Brewery’s Blast! a well-balanced, not-bitter, double IPA.

Lady In Blue, also from Lazy Lady Farm, a creamy, spicy blue; with Captain Lawrence’s malty brown Winter Ale.

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American Cheese Month at Eastern District

The rain returns, the beach is closed, and it’s dark by the time you’re home from work; Fall has a lot to apologize for.  Luckily, like all the best apologies, this one involves lots of food: a lot of seasonal products come into their best times around now.  While many of us don’t necessarily think of cheese as having a distinct seasonality, many of the incredible farms surrounding the city are currently putting out their best products at this time of year.  Courtesy of Beth Lewand, Cheesemonger and owner of Eastern District, here are two great examples of Fall’s best.

Vermont Shepherd & Dooryard Cider

The first is a firm sheep’s milk cheese from Vermont Shepherd in Putney, Vermont.  Sheep’s milk is the hardest of the main three (sheep, goat, and cow) to procure in volume because sheep have the shortest productive season and simply produce less than other animals during this time.  They generally give birth in the late winter or early spring and produce milk to feed their lambs during the spring and summer months when pastures overflow with the grasses and herbs that contribute rich flavors to the resulting cheeses.  The wheel we tasted was originally made on May 14th of this year and has aged for exactly 141 days as of this writing, and the farmers tell us that the pastures at that time had lots of plantain and dandelion contributing to the sheep’s diet.  The resulting cheese was exceptionally mild and smooth, buttery in a pleasant, clean way, and complex without being weird.  A perfect offering for a mixed group that might not be into the funky stuff, and Beth suggested pairing it with one of the many regional ciders being produced in the French farmhouse style – crisp, not too sweet, and with a light, champagne-like carbonation.   She extended this to suggest any product in the apple abnd pear family, fresh or cooked, served alongside this universally loveable cheese. Continue reading

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RSVP: Beer & Cheese at Eastern District

Eastern District is hosting a free tasting with Brooklyn Brewery next month and I bet spots will fill up QUICK. So get to gettin’!

Brooklyn Brewery's Sorachi Ace

FREE tasting at Eastern District!

On Sunday, July 17 at 6 pm, Brooklyn Brewery will be here with four beers to taste. We’ll pair them with four carefully selected American artisanal cheeses, and we’ll all have a killer good time.

Space is limited, so please RSVP to info@easterndistrictny.com if you’d like to attend.

Eastern District
1053 Manhattan Avenue

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Local Artisan: P&H Soda Co. All Natural Soda Syrups Made in Greenpoint

Why drink the artificial stuff when you can make your own all natural soda at home? I want to introduce you local food artisan featured this week on food. curated.: Anton Nocito, the founder of P&H Soda Co., a hand made soda syrup company based in Greenpoint (and first introduced to us at The Greenpoint Food Market)! Anton is on a personal mission to wean soda lovers away from mass produced colas, and to get them to start thinking about making better-for-you sodas at home – sodas made of natural, organic ingredients.

So take a moment to hear what he as to say about bringing back old soda fountain traditions while getting a peek into his production process. I don’t know about you, but I want a hibiscus soda STAT!

To get a bottle of P&H‘s inspired and complex-but-not-too-complex soda flavors, hop on by to Eastern District on 1053 Manhattan Avenue where he brews and bottles his creations. Thanks for watching and supporting our local food artisans.

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