“Justice for Arlo” Petition – Grant Dangerous Dog Hearing For Dog-On-Dog Attacks

Lauren Schneider is not giving up on fighting for justice for her dog Arlo who was brutally attacked and ultimately killed by another dog, a white shepherd, owned by a family on Freeman St. She wants a dangerous dog hearing so that the attack dog, whose owner irresponsibly fled the scene, won’t be able to “continue to attack and kill other dogs without the owner being held accountable for training the dog or muzzling the dog when in public places.” Support her cause by signing this petition.

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Dog Attacked In Greenpoint; Help Find Attack Dog Owners (Please share!)

According to Greenpointer Lauren Schneider, her young 1 year old pomeranian dog named Arlo was viciously attacked on Wednesday June 5, 2013 by a very large short haired white dog with a long snout that isn’t a pit bull mix. The attack occurred on Manhattan Ave between Freeman St and Green St in Greenpoint. The attack dog owners, white females in mid-upper 20s, left without giving Lauren any information. Arlo died on the way to the vet’s office. If anyone witnessed the attack or has any information about the attack dog or its owners – please contact Lauren at 631-835-0789 or Lauren’s sister brooke.ashley.s (at)

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Free Puppy? Attention Dog Owners!

This is an important message to dog owners who love their dogs: Don’t leave your dog tied up outside. Please! No matter how desperate you are for a roll of toilet paper or an avocado.

After shopping at Met Food on Driggs I spotted this adorable dog tied up outside. What an easy puppy to steal, I thought. But since I have a conscience, I walked across the street to the liquor store for a bottle of white, talked with the owner for at least 3 minutes about how Hennessy has a monopoly on Cognac and when I came out the pooch was still alone. I had enough time to walk back and take a bunch of photos and still no owner was in sight.

People – bad people – steal dogs and sell them or do horrible things to them. Dogs “are typically stolen for money, bait, or lab testing,” according to CBS who reported a dog napping while the owner was present. And don’t think it’s just little dogs that are stolen, even big tough looking dogs, like pitbulls and shepherds, are targets.

Everyday in Greenpoint, I see too many sweet and well-cared for dogs left alone at the risk of being dognapped. As New Yorkers we are multi-taskers with little time, but if running errand means leaving your dog tied up, please don’t take the risk.

I am sure the dog pictured has an owner who loves him and I hate to make him an example, but hopefully it will make others think twice, not to mention limit the neighborhood’s heartbrokenness every time we see a poster with a missing pet on it.

Keep your puppies safe, Greenpoint!

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Emergency McGolrick Park Dog Run Fund Taking Donations

Boy that’s a tongue twister…

As you might have noticed a tree fell on the gate and entrance to the McGolrick Park Dog Run. The tree has been removed by the park’s department, but the responsibility to rebuild the damaged fence is up to the dog owners. District Dog (142 Driggs Ave) is taking donations for repair and have raised about $600. The run should be fixed soon. In the meantime, stop in and donate a few bucks so our neighborhood doggies can safely play again.

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Not only is Pinky a 10month old adorable female kitty, she is cross-eyed and needs a home. She tested negative for felv/fiv and is spayed. She rolls on her back, loves belly rubs and will purr in your arms. How can you not adopt her? Contact Park Slope Veterinary Center at 718-369-7387 if you’re interested in Pinky.

Sent by Greenpoint Veterinary Hospital.

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Daisy and her kittens were rescued from a construction site. All of her kittens have been adopted and now mama needs a loving home, too. Kittens are great, but adult cats are so much better behaved; they won’t attack your toes at night or claw at your fancy panty hose.
And Daisy is a tuxedo. It is a known fact that tuxedo cats are the most affectionate and mellow cats in the entire universe. I have one, myself and he is very special. I mean look at that mug! And the torn off ear. How can you not adopt Daisy?
Daisy would love nothing more than to spend the rest of her life relaxing next to you. She is 3 years old and a purr box, plus she is spayed and fully vaccinated. For more info visit: Greenpoint Kittens or email greenpointkitties (at)

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