Muddy Paws, a holistic pet supply store, hosts cat and kitten adoptions every Sunday from 2pm-6pm!

I should really get a pet. Surely the thought has crossed your mind. Wouldn’t it be nice to have someone to cuddle up and be lazy with? The dating scene in New York isn’t getting you anywhere. You’re tired of watching Stranger Things alone on the couch, curled up with a pint of Van Leeuwen. Wouldn’t it be nice to have someone soft and furry to watch with you? Someone who returns your calls (meows)? Someone who doesn’t cancel dinner plans (the food dish is expected to be filled by 6pm sharp, or else)? Well, it’s time to give in to your urges and do some good. Consider adopting a kitty, many of whom have had rough starts in life and are all-too-ready to have a place to call home. Every Sunday from 2pm-6pm holistic pet store Muddy Paws (447 Graham Avenue) hosts a cat (and kitten!) adoption event.

How cute is this tiny baby found in north Greenpoint?

North Brooklyn Cats does a tremendous service to our community by helping homeless cats find homes. Not only do they rescue from the local kill shelters, they are also part of an active TNR (trap, neuter, return) program that plays a huge role in managing the population of stray cats both effectively and humanely, thereby reducing the number that will end up in unfortunate situations at high-kill shelters. Lisa, a volunteer with North Brooklyn Cats, holds a teeny-tiny kitten that was found in north Greenpoint and recounts her years of holding these adoption events at various places in the neighborhood. When asked about how things are going for stray animals in the neighborhood she acknowledges that, “we still have a long way to go.”
Volunteers spend their own time and resources caring for these animals who need help and do a great deal of good with their TNR program. I watch, infatuated, as a cream and white kitten bats a ball around and can’t help but think how much fun a child would have playing with this little spit-fire, who turns her attention from the ball to bat gently at my hand. These are animals just begging to be loved and give love back in return.

Whether you are visiting the shop with the sole purpose of adopting a cat or to buy supplies for your existing pet, Muddy Paws has you covered. Owner Michael Gazal consistently shows how much he cares for your animals, whether by handing out the latest and greatest treat, samples of a new dog food, or recommending a different brand for the fussy eater. My dog practically drags me into the store every time we walk by because of the red carpet treatment. They carry natural dog and cat food, as well as plenty of toys and bones to pamper your pets. And, they’ve got a self-service doggy bathing station for $20 (shampoo provided!) so you can wash away fido’s fleas without dirtying your own tub.

Muddy Paws carries the very best natural brands

Michael opened the store ten years ago when he moved to the neighborhood with his own two dogs and realized there wasn’t a pet store nearby. Committed to providing all pets with the very best food, he opened the shop with an educated and discerning eye for high quality brands. Michael asserts that, “It all starts with diet.” We live in Brooklyn: land of kale, farmers markets, vegan pizza, and countless fitness classes. You care about your own body—you should care about your pet’s too! Stop in, especially on Sundays, to buy something both healthy and tasty for your four-legged friend. Or, if you don’t have a pet to shop for, stop in and consider bringing home an adorable little meowing companion, like the ones below, and never watch Netflix alone again.

Those captivating eyes
Twins, anyone?
I only have eyes for you!
All ready to play with you!

Muddy Paws  | 447 Graham Ave.  |  (718) 349-3647
Monday-Friday 10am-9pm   |   Saturday 10am-8pm   |    Sunday 11am-8pm

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