Rescues Living at Local Dog Boutique


On March 31st, Unleash: Brooklyn closed its doors forever, and with it went Dog Habitat Rescue’s home. With a lot of effort and even more help from the community, we were able to find homes, permanent or otherwise, for almost all of our rescues. Sadly, though, we have two rescues who are currently living at District Dog, our retail shop: Suki, a black staffordshire terrier mix, and Eda, a sassy cat.
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I Found This Cat… Sam The Cat

Sam the Cat was taken in after living on the streets for more than a year. It was right before last week’s snowstorm when we found her and she was cold and very hungry, but she was really starving for affection. She was likely abandoned and isn’t into the street cat life. She loves cuddles, soft blankets and warmth. LOOK AT THAT FACE!

We brought her to the vet and she was healthy, FELV/FIV negative and likely already spayed. Her age is unknown – she isn’t a kitten and not geriatric. She has been treated for fleas and though she tested negative for parasites, we are treating her – just in case.

She is good with dogs and other cats and loves people.

If you can find room in your home and heart for this sweet creature please consider it. Or if you know someone who needs a loving and mellow companion, please share this. She will make a great pet.

No adoption fee. All vet bills have been paid.

Interested? Email me greenpointers at or call or text 718-791-7607.

Thanks in advance for any help with getting Sam The Cat into her “FUREVER HOME.”

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Is This Your Cat? Found at Brouwerij Lane on 8/27

Greenpoint resident, Eliot Walden, has kindly taken in an adorable stray cat that he found last night (8/27) at Brouwerij Lane on Greenpoint Ave and Franklin.

From Eliot: There was this cute little black stray cat wandering around the trash and playing underneath the cars on Greenpoint Ave. The cat has no collar or any form of identification. I ended up catching it in order to get it off the streets and give it some proper food/water, so it is comfortably at my apartment now.

Please contact Elliot is this cat belongs to you (or if you might be interested in adopting him)! If the owner isn’t found, he’ll be looking for a home.

Email: eliotwalden [at] gmail [dot] com

Phone: (646) 396-3837.

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“Saving Badass Dogs From Idiot Humans” – The Most Badass Animal Rescue in Brooklyn

Of the dogs who stood in front of NYC Pet on Driggs Ave. on Saturday, a surprising number had both first and last names. There was a collie-shepherd named David Hasselhoff, a basset hound-boxer named Patrick Henry, and a Calhoun hound-pit bull named Faye Dunaway — in addition to a “super mellow” beagle mix, whose dirty blonde erudition and Germanic allure had apparently compelled a previous owner to name her Carole Lombard. Though some of the dogs were still considered puppies, most were at least twice the size of a shoebox, and all of them were hoping to find adopters, as part of the weekly-to-biweekly events organized by Badass Brooklyn Animal Rescue.

Photo © Patricia Jones

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Pussy Galore

Sometimes it feels like Greenpoint is the capital of Lost Kitty-land, or perhaps where all Internet cats go to retire. It doesn’t take long to find a lamp post covered with layers of lost cat posters, old ones getting covered up by new ones.  It feels as though our fine little northern Brooklyn neighborhood is overrun with free kittens, feral cats and locals looking for their lost furry friends.
Ever wonder how this happens? How do people lose their cats? Do they leave their doors or windows open? Are felines naturally attracted to those giant digester eggs at the waste facility on Greenpoint Avenue? Are Greenpointers trying to hipsterize their cats by making them “free range”? If your cat “escapes” your home, would you chase right after it? Or do people think that posting flyers all over the neighborhood will bring them back?
Look at these flyers. Many of them don’t have a good picture of their cats so the tiny chance that someone may identify their missing pet is minimized. And many say, “Goes by: Mr. Fluffypants” Really? Cats respond to names given to them? I don’t think so. And there is the phone number; what are you supposed to do with that? Call and say that you think you just saw their cat running east on Manhattan Avenue?
I do have sympathy for anyone losing a loved one, but might I suggest to all cat owners right now: Take some good mug and side profile shots of your kitty and create a missing cat flyer template now because chances are it’s going to happen.

Now, I don’t have a completely sarcastic view of this. Just yesterday, I was walking down my street and saw another missing cat flier for a very cute long-haired friend named Nappy, and it reminded me of when I lost my beloved feline Casper when I was 12 years old in a land far away from here.

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Noodles Needs A Home

This gorgeous female two year old cat named Noodles needs a home. She is spayed and up to date on all her vaccines. Her owner is no longer able to care for her because of an illness in his family. She is a sweetheart, playful and nice and fluffy. If you would like to adopt her please email jonpywell (at)

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Greenpointers loves furry critters and hopes the website serves to both reunite lost pets with their owners and helps stray animals find loving homes. In support of this cause, we organized a hilarious Comedy Night at Saint Vitus on Wednesday 4/18/12 at 8pm. For $5 come and laugh your butts off. We are donating all the proceeds to our favorite animals rescue, Dog Habitat Rescue. We want this to be a big night so we can raise a lot of funding for animals in need, so come out, bring your friends and please help spread the word!

Tom Cowell
Mike Lawrence
Christine Meehan
Adam Conover
Tim Dillon

RSVP on Facebook

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These scrappy little kittens need homes ASAP! THey were trapped with mom for a TNP (trap-neuter-release). The kittens have conjunctivitis, fleas, and ringworm (all treatable). Unfortunately caretaker can not take them into her home because she has several of her own cats and these conditions are contagious. The hospital cannot hold onto them because of ringworm, but is willing to provide treatment for them. These kittens originally came from Pinkys colony and will be released back by Sunday. Please contact Park Slope Veterinary Center at 718-369-7387 if someone can foster, or please forward email to others. Note: tuxedos are the best and most cuddliest cats…

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Daisy and her kittens were rescued from a construction site. All of her kittens have been adopted and now mama needs a loving home, too. Kittens are great, but adult cats are so much better behaved; they won’t attack your toes at night or claw at your fancy panty hose.
And Daisy is a tuxedo. It is a known fact that tuxedo cats are the most affectionate and mellow cats in the entire universe. I have one, myself and he is very special. I mean look at that mug! And the torn off ear. How can you not adopt Daisy?
Daisy would love nothing more than to spend the rest of her life relaxing next to you. She is 3 years old and a purr box, plus she is spayed and fully vaccinated. For more info visit: Greenpoint Kittens or email greenpointkitties (at)

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Normally I must stay away from all animal rescue organizations (psychiatrist’s orders) because I am such a teary eye mess that I want to take them all. I have a tendency to hoard the lost and injured and have rescued squirrels, doves, sea gulls, one eyed cats, raccoons, three legged dogs, etc.
One of my goals for Greenpointers is that it can serve as an online haven for rescue groups to help with pet adoptions and lost and found.
I tried very hard to look away but after hearing Dexter’s story then seeing him in a handsome bomber jacket, I couldn’t help it and fell in love!
Bea, from Dog Habitat, rescued him from a shelter. He was malnourished and underweight but she saw a super personality in a little dog body. It became their job to fatten him up (doctor’s orders) which wasn’t hard because he loves hamburgers!
Sadly, after a few visits to the vet’s office they found that Dexter has thyroid cancer. Fortunately it is not causing him any pain and he is receiving a natural form of chemotherapy. And if they succeed at making him chubby enough, they may be able to remove it.
Regardless of his prognosis, the Dog Habitat family is dedicated to keeping Dexter comfortable and happy for as long as he lives.
You can help! Dexter loves dogs and people and you can go visit him at District Dog where he hangs out with Bea and greets customers.
You can also make a donation towards Dexter’s care here.
To read more about Dexter, click here.

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