On March 31st, Unleash: Brooklyn closed its doors forever, and with it went Dog Habitat Rescue’s home. With a lot of effort and even more help from the community, we were able to find homes, permanent or otherwise, for almost all of our rescues. Sadly, though, we have two rescues who are currently living at District Dog, our retail shop: Suki, a black staffordshire terrier mix, and Eda, a sassy cat.

We have very little room at our retail shop, but we had no choice but to bring these girls with us after the move. They’re okay for now, but we really, really need to find homes for them soon. Eda and Suki are both wonderful animals that deserve caring homes, families that love them, and space to play. They do each have their own little quirks – but so do the rest of us, right?

Suki Chic

Suki is a rather ridiculous little lady; she stays in a crate here and is constantly interrupting our work flow by banging her happy, wagging tail on the bars and grumbling at us until someone scratches her neck. She loves human attention more than anything, including food, large bones, or treats (though we have discovered she has a penchant for one or two of the more fancy cookies we sell). Suki does get a little overwhelmed around other animals, so we are looking for a home where she would be the only pet . Suki has been working on her manners, both with dogs and walking, with positive results. But what she really needs is someone who can focus on her whole-heartedly. She’s crate trained, obviously, walks politely when wearing her harness and is just all around adorable. Suki just needs someone who can give her the attention she deserves.


Eda stretch

Eda is the epitome of a cat: she is beguiling and lovely, and will snuggle you when she wants to; when she’s done, she’ll find a comfy spot to nap (most likely on top of your freshly laundered clothes). She goes completely bonkers for catnip (we discovered this after letting her roam the shop; she had an immediate, adorable, drool-crazy reaction to a ‘catnip cigar,’ which she spent a good hour gnawing on with crazy eyes). Eda is also partial to sunbeams and baskets filled with blankets. Eda, like Suki, is looking for a monogamous relationship, as she gets very jealous of other furry creatures.

Eda likes her toys

Eda and Suki are both wonderful, loving animals. They might have a few issues, but they would make just as great and loving a pet as any kitten or puppy in a pet shop window. They’ve been through a lot in their short lives, and yet they still sparkle with personality, spunk, and an endless capacity for adoration of their human companions.


If you, or someone you know, would be a good fit for Suki or Eda please call 718-710-0707 or email rescue [at] dog habitat [dot] org.

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