Greenpoint resident, Eliot Walden, has kindly taken in an adorable stray cat that he found last night (8/27) at Brouwerij Lane on Greenpoint Ave and Franklin.

From Eliot: There was this cute little black stray cat wandering around the trash and playing underneath the cars on Greenpoint Ave. The cat has no collar or any form of identification. I ended up catching it in order to get it off the streets and give it some proper food/water, so it is comfortably at my apartment now.

Please contact Elliot is this cat belongs to you (or if you might be interested in adopting him)! If the owner isn’t found, he’ll be looking for a home.

Email: eliotwalden [at] gmail [dot] com


Phone: (646) 396-3837.

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  1. what a precious angel. greenpoint is the land of black cats. with all the strays, i doubt this little kitten has an owner. i hope elliot has fallen in love and kept him/her… black cats are the least likely to be adopted 🙁

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