As Hurricane Sandy makes landfall, approaching at around 30mph with wind speeds up to 90mph, we have not yet seen the worst of the storm.

We can’t stress enough to stay inside!

Any standing water from East River or Newtown Creek overflow should be considered unsafe due to raw sewage releases in the local waterways. More info.

Updates (via Mayor Bloomberg)

• Public Schools Closed Tomorrow


• MTA Closed Tomorrow

• All East River Bridges Closed Tonight at 7pm

• Expect power outages

• Expect Severe Flooding (especially from 8:15pm-10:30pm tonight)

• No deaths resulting from Sandy in NYC

A reporter asked about potential environmental consequences of Gowanus area flooding given the toxic nature of the waterway. The Mayor did not respond specifically to environmental impacts, just said the water will rise and recede. He passed it on to another official who said, “We don’t think there is any immediate danger to anybody… We’ll clean it up like anything else.”

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  1. i’m staying in the bronx because my apartment is in a mandatory evacuation zone in greenpoint so i appreciate all of these updates. any way you can get some photos of flooding? i live on the first floor of a franklin st building..

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