Unless you are in Zone A, stay home. 

Unless there is a life threatening emergency (beer runs, don’t count) it is extremely important that you stay home.

UPDATES: (via Mayor Bloomberg) 

• Schools Closed Tuesday

• Shelters are accepting pets!


• Homeless Outreach Ongoing

• Many areas already flooded

• NYC Transit Remains Closed

• Battery Tunnel & Holland Tunnel Closed at 2pm

Many local businesses are staying open, but public safety, which includes customers and employees comes first.

Don’t encourage customers to come out in this dangerous weather and please send employees home.

Why should you stay inside?

Trees can fall, you can be hit by debris, power lines falling near you can electrocute you and streets may flood. (Who knows what is in that water?)

Don’t care about your own safety?

Think about rescue workers who MUST be out serving the public dealing with real emergencies. By going out, you run the risk of injury and adding to the already countless problems emergency workers must take care of.

Stay home. Be safe.

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