Weekend Music: Greasy Migas Are the Best Migas (4/29 – 5/1)

taco2It’s music and food pairings at Weekend Music today. Where to find the best local wursts, feijoada, and gumbo, all with┬álive bands to accompany the food.

Plus country rock, funk, and best bets at the WFMU Record Fair, below. Continue reading

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House of Vans to Resolve Marital Discord this Saturday (1/16)

Her significant other is still at the office crunching numbers. Photo courtesy of Dave and Gabe.

You know the old adage, opposites attract. Admit it, you know of at least one couple where that’s the case. Maybe you are that couple.

She plays lead guitar in a band, he’s a librarian. Or she’s an art critic and her girlfriend is a day trader who skates on the weekends.

Then you know what happens when the weekend comes around. One person wants to do something high-minded, like go to a play or gallery opening. But it’s the weekend and the other person protests that that’s the time to blow off steam while watching football. Continue reading

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