La Taverna!

My girl Justine and I got a chance to catch up over some spaghetti last week at La Taverna.  I have been wanting to dine there ever since it took […]

What A Find!

I found this gem at Cato’s Army & Navy on Manhattan Ave and wanted to share it with you for two reasons: 1. I have never seen a Greenpoint shirt before!  Or actually, […]

Easy Way To Help

Hey Greenpointers! I know ya’ll are an aware and caring bunch, so I thought I would fill you in on something I have been reading about: The Red Cross is […]

RIP Socrates

I have been out of town a lot recently, so when a friend filled me in that Socrates had closed while I was away, I didn’t want to believe her. […]

BioFuel In Our Future

I am busy, busy today, but this came up in my daily internet rounds, so I thought I would repost it here for you Greenpointers to read. From WNYC: NEW […]

A Delicious Addition

There are some big flavors coming from this little catering kitchen on Norman Avenue. The Halcyon Gourmet only recently opened its doors, but the foot traffic and inquiries were so […]

That Was Fast

Michael Sullivan, chef of the new-to-the-neighborhood, Anella, is leaving our little Italian outpost. This sad tidbit from Grub Street was in my Greenpoint newsfeed today: This just in from a […]