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Fine & Raw Chocolate

It would be a challenging task to find someone who doesn’t like chocolate. It’s a universal symbol for all things sweet, luscious, romantic, sexy, and comforting. Chocolate manifests in a […]

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Pop Up Store Tomorrow

Maria Chavez, owner of Houndstooth, a clothing shop in Williamsburg is opening a one day shopping extravaganza offering vintage clothes ranging $5-$10, handmade jewelery, records, books and tons of sound […]

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Cup O’Joes

Cup O’Joes has had a bad rap for awhile with their stale coffee and bizarre business hours, tasteless design and a generally unwelcoming vibe. That’s all changed now. Seasoned New […]

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An Introductory Phrase

Dearly beloved Greenpointers, I hope this finds you well endowed. The name is Joann Kim and I am gratefully honored to be a new contributor to this ravenously splendid blog. […]