Cup O’Joes has had a bad rap for awhile with their stale coffee and bizarre business hours, tasteless design and a generally unwelcoming vibe. That’s all changed now. Seasoned New York Restaurateurs Suzy and Eddie has revamped the cafe and since February have been working diligently to create a new face and an eclectic menu. I met with them over the weekend and they are the sweetest, most accommodating couple I’ve ever met full of tragic and hysterical, random and inspiring stories about hardship, failure, curiosity and success. During our interview I was pampered with a few scrumptious signature goods.

I couldn’t just stare at these mini blueberry pies behind the glass display case and not try it. Suzy graciously offered it to me and I sat at the table all giddy and passionately stabbed a fork through the center and out oozed these tiny blueberries bursting with flavor.

Isn’t it gorgeous? This cute mini pie was not too sweet, with a nice mix of textures from juicy blueberries to crunchy top layer and a soft all around crust. I loved that it was a pie in the form of a cupcake which I usually avoid for its too spongy bread and icing overload which leaves me nauseous more often than not. This is a great alternative to controlling your dessert consumption rate while devouring something orgasmically delicious.
Suzy created mini pies as a response to the cupcake craze and its cuteness factor. She sells them at Brooklyn Flea and is available for catering and order, which you can do here. She’s got many delectable desserts and sweets up her sleeves and the fact that we both adore Dorie Greenspan and use her as a vital resource for baking immediately makes her a winner in my books. You will always find cookies, mini pies, cakes and pies in some form or another at the cafe, baked by Suzy herself, at the cafe. Talk about environmentally friendly local homemade food. Nyum nyum nyum
Then, there’s the hot chocolate. Me being the hot chocolate fiend and finding myself disappointed by diluted pseudo hot chocolates I usually encounter, I was blown away by this super rich and thick, sweet and indulgent Belgian hot chocolate. It’s made with Hershey’s cocoa and syrup, Belgian chocolate, sugar, vanilla and milk, topped with whip cream and chocolate flakes. It’s honestly second best next to city bakery’s hot chocolate shots which I swoon over every time. Suzy’s recipe is so full of sweetness and flavor, maybe even a bit too sugary, but you’ll soon sway and Mmmmmm in response to a single sip of this concoction.
But wait, there’s more! Low and behold, the Woody Allen: kosher dog wrapped in bacon with ketchup, mustard, and KIMCHI. I gasped when it Eddie plopped it on the table and laughed hysterically for the name. How appropriate! And it’s true what they say, anything wrapped in bacon tastes ten times better. This was a full meal and a half, the crunchy texture with the spicy and sour taste of the kimchi worked naturally well with the chewy bacon and soft sausage wrapped in a warm airy bun. I savored each bite and marvelled at its capability to fill you up. It was delicious.
Eddie has been a cook for many years and provides an eclectic mix of hot dog variations, I can’t wait to check out Cali Dog next.
The space itself has been thoroughly cleansed, you can now make out a quaint old school vibe of a building built in early 20th century. Suzy and Eddie are not yet done renovating and plan on repainting the walls, installing mirrors, a big chalkboard and hopefully some amazing informative vintage pictures displaying the history of the neighborhood. Did you know McGolrick was once called Winthrop Park? Who knew? Eddie did of course!
As for the coffee, they supply the cafe with beans from good ‘ol Porto Rico, my favorite spot for all things coffee and tea. This will guarantee each cup is brewed fresh and delicious. They’ve also got a brunch menu and are looking to expand on that as well.
Basically, if you haven’t been inside yet, you are really missing out. Walk in, chat it up with Suzy and Eddie, eat some hot dogs, some mini pies, some hot chocolate, and walk out satisfied, a little gluttonously bloated, and happy.
Cup O’Joes is on the corner of Driggs Ave and Monitor Street.

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  1. wow so exciting — i will check it out soon! suzy is there any chance that brunch will somehow include chicken fried chicken or queso mole enchiladas, my most beloved dishes from union picnic and bean (RIP!)??? it is a crying shame that bean closed because there is nowhere to get good mole within walking distance of my house anymore.

  2. That was awesome to read, Joann. I feel like I was there! Next time I’m over that way I will definitely be stopping by to check out that hot chocolate. It looks sooooo good.

  3. Sounds cool but I had liked old C O' J ether.
    Maybe some people can not understand their "taste" of interior.
    Anyway I miss that dude & SKY… (Beautiful Dalmatian)

  4. I miss the Old Cup O’ Joes too…who are these people? Unwelcoming vibe? You couldn’t duplicate what the old owners had going on if you tried, I don’t care how much blueberry pie you serve up…anyways, we will miss you and your beautiful dog.

  5. OMG!! What happened to Cup O’ Joes? The summer will not be the same without the dreadlock dude serving up the best jalapeno and cheddar bagel in town. Shame on you for saying they had an unwelcoming vibe and tasteless decor– go to Starbucks! People like you kill businesses in Greenpoint. I seriously don’t know how I’m going to survive the summer without my ice coffee.

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