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Kosciuszko Bridge Congestion Not Improving Despite Additional Lanes

The Kosciuszko Bridge’s congestion is not improving despite more lanes.

At the celebration for the opening of the new $873 million Kosciuszko Bridge, New York Governor Cuomo flaunted how an increased number of lanes would speed up traffic by 65 percent.

Data compiled in September  — the first full month of operation since the bridge’s second-span opened — reveals no improvement for drivers going from Queens to Brooklyn during rush hour and an average three mile per hour reduction in speeds for drivers headed to Queens, according to a study by independent consultant INRIX, first reported by the Wall St. Journal. Continue reading

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Cabaret, Cuomo and Climate Change — The Hook-up 9/22

Getting down at the House of Yes, where Mayor de Blasio announced an Office of Nightlife on Tuesday. Via House of Yes
Getting down at the House of Yes, where Mayor de Blasio announced an Office of Nightlife on Tuesday. Via House of Yes

A great New York Story occurred August 17th, 1858, when New Yorkers celebrated the first successful transatlantic cable between The United States and England with a party at City Hall. So thrilled were the New Yorkers of yore, that they decided to illuminate City Hall with torches, then set off fireworks over the building. City Hall caught fire, but nobody could alert the fire department, because the fire bell was on top of the burning City Hall. Ultimately, City Hall was saved, but the building lost its cupola, which has since been repaired. Undeterred, New Yorkers had another party at City Hall two weeks later, and they set off fireworks again. That is the city we live in. No matter what, New Yorkers just keep partying. And Mayor Bill de Blasio was at House of Yes in Bushwick on Tuesday to make it even easier to get down in the five boroughs. De Blasio established an Office of Nightlife, and a Nightlife Advisory Board. A Night Mayor will soon be appointed, although Gerard McNamee, former Director of Operations at Webster Hall, is running for the unelected position.  Continue reading

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Screw the Governor’s race. There are 3 more important issues that need your vote this Election Day!

Yes, it’s that time of the year again–big old Election Day. For those of us living here, this day seems rather arbitrary. Since we’re such a blue state, it’s usually easy to guess the outcomes. The incumbent of the year–aka Governor Cuomo–usually wins. As a result, we have become lazy-ass voters. This needs to change.

A couple of days ago I pondered on our failed corrupt political machine and I thought to myself: What would happen if no one voted? What if we got even lazier than the measly 24% of registered voters and decided NOT to vote in the name of protest? What would be the outcome? Would things gets worse? Stay same?

Truth is, if we don’t vote our state of affairs will probably get a whole lot worse than allowing 30 corrupt lawmakers into our government affairs.

While I want nothing to do with a Governor who dismantled his own Moreland Anti-Corruption Commision when the dogs came sniffing too close to his butt, or his opponent, Rob Astorino, who continues to push the same tired-rich-white-man Republican agenda, I do care about computers for schools, who will get picked to draw out voting districts, and saving some trees.  Let’s break down our voting options shall we: Continue reading

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