Yes, it’s that time of the year again–big old Election Day. For those of us living here, this day seems rather arbitrary. Since we’re such a blue state, it’s usually easy to guess the outcomes. The incumbent of the year–aka Governor Cuomo–usually wins. As a result, we have become lazy-ass voters. This needs to change.

A couple of days ago I pondered on our failed corrupt political machine and I thought to myself: What would happen if no one voted? What if we got even lazier than the measly 24% of registered voters and decided NOT to vote in the name of protest? What would be the outcome? Would things gets worse? Stay same?

Truth is, if we don’t vote our state of affairs will probably get a whole lot worse than allowing 30 corrupt lawmakers into our government affairs.

While I want nothing to do with a Governor who dismantled his own Moreland Anti-Corruption Commision when the dogs came sniffing too close to his butt, or his opponent, Rob Astorino, who continues to push the same tired-rich-white-man Republican agenda, I do care about computers for schools, who will get picked to draw out voting districts, and saving some trees.  Let’s break down our voting options shall we:

1) Voting Districts, aka Proposition 1


Currently, voting panels are chosen by a panel of six elected legislators. Under Prop 1, districts would be drawn or redrawn by a panel of 10 people APPOINTED by the legislature. The panel would be considered ‘independent’ because no one on the panel could be married to a lawmaker, registered as a lobbyist, and 2 members  cannot be registered Democrats or Republicans. Got that?

To me, Prop 1 is reminiscent of the Loft Board, where everyone works for the DOB except the token loft dwelling resident. It’s all for show to make it seem like it’s a democratic process but sounds like more plutocratic buy my way in bullshit to me.

2) Save the trees

On average there are of over 17,000 bills that fly over the State Assemblymen/women’s desks. State law requires all of these bills need to be printed up 213 times–one for every member. Now that’s a lot of paper! Proposal 2 wants to eliminate waste and have the printed matter emailed instead. Not only would this save some trees but it would save $53 million dollars a year. Sounds like a no brainer to me.

3) The Smart Schools Bond Act of 2014

This would be a one time issue of debt to a tune of $2 billion dollars in state taxpayer money taken from state bonds to pay for computers, desktops, tablets, INTERNET, computer servers etc. to get our school kids into this generation.

While the proposal has it’s proponents, others believe by the time we–the taxpayers–finish paying off the debt and interest, we’ll be on the 27th generation of the Ipad, making those shiny electronics bought in 2015 virtually obsolete. Nevertheless, I think we can all agree while maintaining corporate tax cuts is wrong, providing our schools with technology and the internet (!) is probably a good thing do.

So there you have it, three proposals that need your votes. However which way you swing this election day, it’s time to get off your bums and vote today.

Election stations are open until 9 pm tonight. So no excuses people! Check your voter registration cards and go to the corresponding voting place in your neck of the hood:

Mary D’s Senior Housing Center, 80 Dupont Street (entrance is on Eagle between Manhattan Ave  & Franklin St)

Polish Slavic Center, 177 Kent St

Church of the Open Door 201 Gold Street (entrance of Nassau Ave)



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