This girl needs a blog! This photo proves that the Super Bowl is just as much a day for creative hostesses (and hosts) to show their skills and literally dress up a turd of an American holiday. God bless this woman!

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  1. The saying is “you can’t polish a turd“. “Shine a turd” is also acceptable.

    It took me three years to understand why football is so popular, to learn its rules, and to find a group of people who never make hanging out for several hours on several Sundays boring. There’s nothing crappy about the camaraderie that football inspires.

  2. I have watched football my entire life and enjoy it a lot. I love Super Bowl Sunday, especially the camaraderie. But the food is often crap. JUNK FOOD & SODA and cheap beer are the main sponsors of the Super Bowl right? So it becomes a chance for creative people to take it to another level. 99% of the time I am talking about food.

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