This game is fun! I randomly pick a business card from a pickle jar and introduce a local business.  Today I grabbed a card that said Pink Serissa Terrariums. We love terrariums around here! I remember seeing these lovely and unique terrariums at the Go Green! Greenpoint Earth Day Festival in McCarren Park a few weeks back.

There were underwater and hanging terrariums, and plants that required no soil, which blew my mind. I remember the prices to be very reasonable. The website needs updating, but the Pink Serissa Etsy Store was informative with beautiful photographs.


As described: “Pink Serissa is gardening for the busy urbanite. Decorate your home with plants, but without the work that is usually required by houseplants. Discover terrariums and watch sealed ones go on autopilot. Airplants, aka Tillandsias, plants that thrive without soil. And finally enjoy a miniature aquarium with Marimo, no pump, light, nor heater required. A bowl with tap water will suffice.”

I like autopilot. No work is a plus and the prices are great, starting at $17 for a Marimo Moss Ball aquarium. I love the story behind the moss balls: “The Japanese believe that Marimo will bring good luck and see it as a symbol of everlasting love. It is also said that taking excellent care of your pet Marimo will make all your wishes come true.” Just add tap water! That’s easy.

What is a Serissa anyway? According to Wiki: “Serissa is one of the most common bonsai, especially in Japan.”

About the shopowner: “Hi, I’m Gönül (I know!).
I live in Brooklyn, NY with my husband and two children. I make terrariums and other low maintenance home decor with plants.”

I might have to round up Gönül for an upcoming terrarium class. I am so craving a moss ball right now!

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