Bus A Move

The Daily News mentions a new B2 bus route coming to the nabe this year. You can also discuss it on subchat.com. A new B2 bus route connecting Williamsburg and […]

McCarren Pool Description

I’m too lazy to attend community meetings but thankfully there are others out there who keep abreast of the important stuff: The Gowanus Lounge: McCarren Pool Plans Revealed: It Will […]

Rat Rape?

This is just too entertaining not to read. Greenpoint rat mating from Postcoitus’ Pillow Talk: The male rat really had some persistence. He would grab her by her scruff and […]

McCarren Pool Plans

amanda & kimmeeOriginally uploaded by blundee513 Some news and a preview of the plans for the McCarren Pool this Monday: The NYC Dept. of Parks & Recreation and architects Rogers […]

Chuck Rocks

Chuck RocksOriginally uploaded by jschumacher The local furry forecasters have spoken. According to Staten Island Chuck and Malverne Mel we’re looking at an early spring. They’re both disagreeing with the […]

A Bloody Mess

Via Brix Picks: I still have no idea what went on at the corner of Meserole and McGuinness, but there appears to be puddles of blood and, reportedly (by friends […]

Weekend Crash

This weekend was such insane debauchery that most of it can’t even printed. Too personal, too illegal and probably too boring not knowing any of the people. Or even worse […]

Greenpoint’s Paris

Interesting post on Brownstoner regarding the Paris Shoe Store. Seems like they’re trying to put some earlier work into approval. From what I can see it looks like they haven’t […]