By Aaron Simon

L Train Gas Odor Causes Sick Passengers, Service Disruptions

(Image courtesy of Jess Hawsor)

Following reports of a mysterious gas odor today, the L train is experiencing service disruptions between Morgan Avenue in Brooklyn and 1st Avenue in Manhattan, the MTA says.

Service has been partially suspended on the L train since early afternoon due to the fumes, which are attributed by the MTA to street-level waterproofing and diesel trains in the Canarsie tunnel last night.

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Greenpoint Beer & Ale Moves Into New Manhattan Avenue Space

The fermenters and clear tanks being unloaded this morning in front of the new Greenpoint Beer & Al Co. location at 1150 Manhattan Ave. location

The shiny fermenters and clear tanks were unloaded at Greenpoint Beer & Ale Co.’s new location (1150 Manhattan Ave.) this morning as owner Ed Raven works with his crew to prepare the space for a potential spring 2019 opening. The original 7 N. 15 St. location is now closed to make way a future office building.

GPBA’s new location will have an increased brewing capacity with a 20 barrel system compared to the former 5 barrel system, and they plan to experiment with new brews like blonde lagers in addition to their classic IPA offerings. “Think in terms of a batch of beer, when your grandma made a big batch of spaghetti she made a gallon of sauce at a time, now we’re going to make four gallons of sauce at a time.,” owner Ed Raven said.

“We want to provide beer for the local community, to drink fresh beer, which was an issue for us before when we didn’t have enough beer to make to go around,” Raven said. “Now well be able to fulfill the demand of the local community, but we should be able to take this out regionally around New York state.” Continue reading

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Threatening Hate Speech Letter Mailed to Greenpoint Business

When Fernanda Urbide and Matteo Prodani opened their mail last night at their Manhattan Avenue apartment they were shocked to find a threatening message with hate speech misidentifying them as Jewish.

“Fuck you Jew” and “Burn in Hell Jew” were written on the folded sheet of composition paper with a large swastika in the center, signed “From Your Very Good Neighbor.”

The letter mailed was mailed to a couple on Manhattan Avenue and they opened it on Wednesday night

“I don’t know how they got the idea that we are Jewish, it’s just really weird,” said Urbide, a painter and sculptor who identifies as Mexican/Cuban American and has lived in New York for four years with her Italian husband. Continue reading

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After 20 Years Enid’s Is Closing in March

Enid’s (via @compassandtwine)

One of the most beloved local restaurants in Greenpoint, Enid’s (560 Manhattan Ave.), announced today that they will close on March 31st of this year. The neighborhood bar and restaurant originally opened in 1999 and quickly became a popular brunch and drinking spot. In a note posted on Instagram the business said they hope to say goodbye in person to their many supportive customers over the next two months:

We hope that you’ll celebrate these next two months.

“Dance” all night on Friday

Have some mimosas (and so many glasses of orange juice that we can’t even believe it) at brunch on Saturday

Do something illegal with the barback in the bathroom that night

Drink too many frozen Harrisons

the next day (Sunday)

While eating pancakes, bacon and bloody marys marvel at how different enids brunch is from club enids

During the week, come in for lunch (before work) or happy hour (after work) and tell us all about it

Have a kid (better change the laws of biology quick) & bring them in for their first lemon slice

Teach them how to talk and saw “I lover those enids pickles” or “I’ll have two beers” (actually happened)

Make an apple pie (great again)

Cut some snowflakes for the dining room shaped snow globe

You don’t have to remember how you got home…

but we hope you’ll remember that you were here.

We will !!!




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Bagelogy Rebrands to Bagel Point Ahead of Opening

Rendering of Bagel Point at 699 Manhattan Ave.

Greenpoitners reported last month on the forthcoming opening of Bagelogy and the Instagram post received multiple comments bemoaning the name. Owner Sam Kaplan heard the community feedback and decided that the name Bagel Point better represents the neighborhood. Kaplan said that many locals have stopped by to compliment the new space as it comes together, but the compliments also came with constructive criticism on the ‘Bagelogy’ name, as many people said it was awkward to pronounce.

As construction finishes up in the coming months and the business obtains proper permits from the city, Kaplan is hoping for an early spring opening. Kaplan who was born and raised just steps from the new business said that ‘the point’ was sometimes used to identify Greenpoint and that the new name feels more natural and less corporate. We will keep you posted as the opening date is announced.

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Ambient Music, Visuals and Yoga Tonight at San Damiano Mission and Park Church Co-op

San Damiano Mission Church (courtesy of Irem Tumer)

Tonight Greenpoint has two intriguing events taking place separately in church spaces.

The freshly restored 200-pipe organ outfitted with MIDI functionality at the San Damiano Mission Church will provide lush sounds in three separate sets from Noah Prebish featuring Angel Deradoorian, Sabine Holler, Dominic Apa and Takuya Nakamura aka SPACE TAK at 21 Nassau Ave. from 8 p.m. to 11 p.m.; RSVP here with suggested donation of $15 at the door.

The event tonight is also in honor of one the San Damiano priests who will be heading to North Carolina for his next assignment. Here’s a note from Noah Prebish:

Hello all! This Tuesday (the 29th) some friends and I will be hosting an evening of improvised music performed on the San Damiano Mission’s beautiful 200-pipe organ. Recently restored and complete with MIDI functionality, the organ can be played both by hand and electronically, the latter with inhuman speed and accuracy, placing the instrument at a really fascinating intersection between ancient and modern.

In my time working at the Lot Radio the last two and a half years (across the street from the San Damiano Mission) I was able to spend a lot of time playing on and getting to know this totally insane instrument. I also had the pleasure of getting to know Nick and Raphael, the two priests at the church, who have been close friends ever since, generously lending us their space for various creative projects. Nick is leaving San Damiano in the next few days to move to his next assignment in NC, so I wanted to be sure we had one final hurrah while he is still here.

I’ll be performing an improvised set on organ and modular synth, with live accompaniment by my friends Angel Deradoorian and Sabine Holler. Composer, DJ, and cosmic wizard Takuya Nakamura will be performing as well with butoh dance by Azumi O E. Controlling visuals will be video artist Enrique Alba with assistance from multi-talented Dutch visual artist, Sebastiaan Bremer, who created the event’s cover image.

The Park Church Co-op

Closer to McGolrick Park, Secret Yogis is holding a ‘Yoga and SoundDream’ event featuring a gong bath at the Park Church Co-op (129 Russell St.) from 6:45 p.m. to 8 p.m., registration is free and cash donations are appreciated. Continue reading

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Adam ‘Babyface’ Kownacki Victorious in 2nd Round TKO

Adam ‘Babyface’ Kownacki (courtesy of Adam Kownacki)

Greenpoint’s very own heavyweight boxing contender Adam ‘Babyface’ Kownacki was victorious with a 2nd round TKO against former title challenger Gerald Washington (19-3-1, 12 KOs) in the co-main event at the Barclays Center that took place last Saturday night. Babyface improved his record to 19-0 with 15 KOs and continues his climb up the rankings. Check out the final punches of the match:

Kownacki was born in Lomza, Poland and at the age of seven moved to Greenpoint with his parents. In an interview with Sporting News, Kownacki said the local Polish community helped him adapt while his father worked long hours to support his family. Four years ago Kownacki moved his family to Long Island where he purchased a house.

“Luckily, I moved to Greenpoint, which had a big Polish community at the time, so it was much easier to adapt, but English was a second language, so it was hard,” Kownacki said. “My dad worked nights, he slept during the day, so we really didn’t get to spend time with him because he was at work. So, it wasn’t easy, but we managed. Eventually, he did construction — a little better paying job — so, we managed.”

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Weeknight and Weekend L Train Service Disruptions Start Tonight Through March 18

L train platform (courtesy of Roshan Vyas/Flickr)

Nighttime and weekend L train service will be suspended starting tonight through Mar. 18, for maintenance to the Canarsie Tunnel that was planned prior to Andrew ‘Amazon’ Cuomo’s intervention last month.

The L train will not operate on weeknights between Brooklyn’s Broadway Junction station and 8th Avenue in Manhattan between 10:45 p.m. – 5 a.m. from Mon., Jan. 28, – Mon., Mar. 18. Also no L train weekend service starting this Friday at 10:45 p.m. through 5 a.m. on Mon., Feb. 4. Here’s the MTA’s explanation:

What’s the work? As part of the revised L Project, we’re still moving forward on the long-term reliability improvement work we had originally planned. This includes installing brand new rail in the tunnel and along other critical sections of the L line, and preparing key switches and signals. For you, this means our track will be safer and trains will run faster and smoother, and that we’ll have the right signals to run the one-track operation come April.

This work requires full track access because of how the track installation and signal work is implemented, meaning that there will be no L service between 8 Av and Broadway Junction during these weeknights.

What should customers do? If you’re traveling between Brooklyn and Manhattan, you can take the A , F, J or M. For Manhattan L stations, you can take the M14 bus. In Brooklyn, we’re running shuttle buses along two routes:

Between Broadway Junction and Lorimer St, connecting with Marcy Av J subway
Loop between Marcy Av J, Hewes St J, Broadway G, Lorimer St-Metropolitan Av G, and Bedford Av.
These shuttle buses are free and will stop at L subway stations between Bedford Av and Broadway Junction. You can also use the MYmta app for the latest trip-planning information and check out these timetables for estimated last train departures, from key stations:

Manhattan/8 Av-bound
Station Departure Time
Broadway Junction 10:56 PM
Myrtle-Wyckoff Avs 11:02 PM
Lorimer St 11:13 PM
Bedford Av 11:14 PM
14 St-Union Sq 11:20 PM

Brooklyn/Rockaway Pkwy-bound
Station Departure Time
8 Ave 11:20 PM
14 St- Union Sq 11:24 PM
Bedford Av 11:30 PM
Lorimer St 11:33 PM
Myrtle-Wyckoff Avs 11:45 PM

Feb 1-4, Feb 8-11, Feb 15-19 (extra day for Presidents’ Day), Feb 22-25, Mar 1-4, Mar 8-11, Mar 15-18, Appx. 10:45 PM Friday to 5 AM Monday
There will be no L trains between 8 Av and Broadway Junction

What’s the work? As part of the revised L Project, we’re still moving forward on the long-term reliability improvement work we had originally planned. This includes installing brand new rail in the tunnel and along other critical sections of the L line, and preparing key switches and signals. For you, this means our track will be safer and trains will run faster and smoother, and that we’ll have the right signals to run the one-track operation come April.

What should customers do? If you’re travelling between Manhattan and Brooklyn, you can take special weekend M service, A or C trains and free shuttle buses. M trains will operate to and from 96 St Q station in Manhattan. To connect with the A, C and M trains, as well as free shuttle buses for service in Brooklyn, you can use Myrtle-Wyckoff Avs and Broadway Junction stations.

If you’re traveling in Brooklyn, the L will operate between Broadway Junction and Canarsie Rockaway Pkwy. We’ll also be running three shuttle bus routes making stops at all L stations between Bedford Av and Myrtle-Wyckoff Avs:

Between Broadway Junction A, C, J and Myrtle-Wyckoff Avs M
Between Myrtle-Wyckoff Avs M and Lorimer St (Metropolitan Av G).
Loop bus stopping at Marcy Av JM, Hewes St JM, Broadway G, Lorimer St (Metropolitan Av G) and Bedford Av
In Manhattan, there will be additional M14A bus service.

Be sure to check back here as we work through the details of the revised L Project plan for any changes to service. Be sure to plan ahead using the MYmta app for the latest trip-planning information.

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The Lot Radio Working With City Health Officials to Reopen Following Violations

The Lot Radio

The Lot Radio (17 Nassau Ave.) opened their underground internet radio station inside of a repurposed shipping container in 2016 on a triangular, decrepit lot between Banker and N. 15 streets where a gas station once stood.

The site of the Lot Radio in 2015

As an independently owned and operated small business that supports up-and-coming artists, owner Francios Vexelaire needed to raise funds to cover costs by selling drinks. The Lot Radio obtained a license from the New York State Department of Agriculture and Markets and for the past two years has legally sold coffee, beer, wine and snacks to attendees.

Last week the Dept. of Health shut down the cafe portion of the business citing code violations, and since then the radio station has been without a revenue stream.

Code violations for the Lot Radio posted by New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene.

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Future of Proposed K-8 School Next to Superfund Site in Question

Map of proposed school next to the NuHart Superfund site (via North Brooklyn Neighbors)

The future of the proposed k-8 school across from a toxic site is in question. The current plan is to build the school on a vacant lot across the street from the NuHart Plastics Superfund site, one of the most contaminated sites in New York state.

NuHart Plastics Superfund site

NYC Councilmember Stephen Levin is holding a public meeting on  Feb. 7, at the Dupont Senior Housing Center (80 Dupont St.) at 7 p.m. regarding the school and has for the past three years cited efforts to seek an alternative site for a new k-8 school in the North Greenpoint area.

A petition from North Brooklyn Neighbors in opposition to the location of the future school at the corner of Franklin and Dupont streets has received over 6,600 signatures so far.

The NuHart Plastics building spewed toxic fumes into the neighborhood while producing vinyl sheeting from 1950 – 2004, during which time underground storage tanks of toxic chemicals leaked into the groundwater and soil. Today as much as 60,000 gallons of phthalates are underground at the site and the toxic plume has migrated west toward the Greenpoint Playground across the street.

The underground plume at the corner of Franklin and Dupont streets (via North Brooklyn Neighbors)

While local residents are not currently a risk for exposure at the moment while the toxins remain more than 10 feet underground, the cleanup process is supposed to start following the demolition of the building which could start later this year following approval of the proposal of the cleanup plan by the state. Continue reading

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