Were you at the 5 p.m. Boris Brejcha surprise set at Under the K Bridge Park on Monday dancing in sync with the boys? Were you also decidedly not employing finger guns while doing so? If so, you may have some admirers!

We received a tip from a reader hoping to reconnect:

My roommates and I would love your help finding these boys we saw at Boris Brejcha under the K Bridge. They seemed to be having the best time and we were a little too stoned and giggly to say hi. There was a tall boy with gold stud earrings and a tan shirt dancing next to his curly haired friend in sync 🔥 No frat boy finger guns in sight, just hot. I think they might be my neighbors; love the easy access 😂 Magically delicious 🤤 And another tall boy in a tan shirt with a blue backpack and curly hair also stunning. All very beautiful and all gone with the wind. If you can help us find them we love you even more than we already do 🧡

With the NYC (and probably universal?) dating scene seemingly being as rough as ever, we’re always happy to help neighbors find a love match, especially when it’s between two Greenpointers. Talk about a short-distance relationship (unless they’re off separate stops of the G train… then this summer’s shutdowns may put their love to the test).

If the above description sounds like you, give us a shout at [email protected]! Or, if you’d like to attempt another meet-cute in the wild instead, it looks like the next concert at Under the K is LadyLand Festival on Pride Weekend (June 28-29) featuring Tinashe, Arca, A.G. Cook, Tokischa, Horsegiirl, Mahmood, Slayyyter, and many more.

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  1. Like guys remember or what color shirt they were wearing. Godspeed to these thirsty gigglers.

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