A few weeks ago, Greenpointers spotted the Mystica space (222 Franklin St.) listed for sale on a real estate website. 

A broker confirmed with us that Mystica was not closing. That apparently was not entirely accurate, as Mystica will be closing, but the restaurant’s team is reopening it as a location of their popular Mariscos El Submarino, multiple outlets have reported. 

It’ll be the culmination of a saga related to 222 Franklin Street. Anella closed there after 13 years, and the Mariscos El Submarino team took over last year, with the restaurant initially called Mitica (a legal battle forced a name change to Mystica).

A shrimp taco from Mariscos El Submarino. Photo courtesy of @mariscoselsubmarino/Instagram.

The new Mariscos El Submarino outpost at 222 Franklin Street will bring the flavors of the highly acclaimed Jackson Heights seafood restaurant to Greenpoint, focusing on raw fish dishes like aguachiles.

Mystica similarly earned rave reviews but never quite got off the ground like Mariscos El Submarino did (co-owner Alonso Guzman told Eater that they were losing money on the space).


Mariscos El Submarino will officially open on June 1 and offer the same menu as the Queens location. Another perk of the space? A backyard that will pair perfectly with all that refreshing seafood!

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