A sleek Szechuan restaurant called Ren (623 Grand St.) is opening on the corner of Grand and Leonard streets in Williamsburg, aiming for an August or September debut.

Owner Jayne He previously worked at Williamsburg’s Birds of a Feather (191 Grand St.) She left the restaurant industry years ago, but has returned with Ren. She grew up in Queens and still resides there, but is “personally drawn to the vibrant energy of the Williamsburg neighborhood, where the community is young, dynamic, and open-minded about embracing new experiences.” 

“While my aim is to introduce traditional Chinese dishes to the area, I also want to infuse them with a sense of fun and chic flair. Williamsburg provides the ideal backdrop for this fusion of tradition and innovation, catering to its adventurous spirit and diverse culinary tastes,” He told Greenpointers.

The current exterior of 623 Grand St., where Ren will open in late summer.

Ren, whose name means harvest, will serve traditional Chinese Szechuan dishes like kung pao chicken, double-cooked pork, and cumin lamb. “We will also be introducing some new authentic Szechuan dishes,” He said.

Ren will have a full bar with beer, wine, and cocktails. The team is working on crafting a cocktail menu with seasonal traditional Chinese ingredients.

A rendering of Ren’s exterior from Design Next Agency.

Ren’s exterior design is the work of Design Next Agency. The restaurant will have a casual vibe that can work for both small dates or larger group gatherings. “We want to make this place very chill, but chic at the same time with lots of elegant Chinese elements,” He explained. 

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