Earlier this year, Greenpointers broke the news that the G train would completely shut down for part of the summer, in order to make repairs. The MTA says the shutdown is needed to implement communications-based train control, even if it will be quite the headache for Greenpoint residents who rely exclusively on the G train. 

But local politicians hope that the MTA can use that downtime to make some other much needed improvements to the long-forgotten line. Over 20 elected officials recently signed a letter urging the MTA to upgrade the G train with additional train cars and to extend service deeper into Queens.

While you might not be an elected official, you can join in on a letter of your own. Assemblymember Emily Gallagher and State Senator Kristen Gonzalez just released a template to use, directed at Governor Kathy Hochul and the head honchos at the MTA. “The G train serves some of the fastest growing neighborhoods in New York State,” the letter reads in part. “Between 2010 and 2020, the population of Greenpoint and Williamsburg grew by 18%, while Long Island City saw its population increase by nearly 200% over the same period.”

Despite this growth, the train hasn’t quite improved. Straphangers who don’t swipe in fast enough are often forced to do the “G-train sprint” as they attempt to catch the city’s stubbiest non-shuttle train.

You can sign the letter here.


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