Greenpoint’s very own Iron Man, James Hook, is back!

And no, not Iron Man as in Tony Stark and no, not a reference to the triathlon (I wouldn’t write about either, sorry). Iron Man, as in, literally a man who has an iron and a board and will smooth out your clothes for you.

James Hook, organizer of the campaign to save Park Church Co-op, kicked off his ironing residency at The Mallard Drake (43 Franklin St.) this past Monday and will return on the 18th and 25th. Ironing starts promptly at 8 p.m. and runs until around midnight. The service is free of charge and is first come, first serve. 

The (iron) man, the myth, the legend, James Hook. Photo courtesy of James Hook.

“Ironing, in spite of its’ sensual pleasures, has long been cast as a silent private chore,” notes Hook, president of the Brooklyn Ironers’ Union, Local 278, “Where we believe it should, in a civilized world, be rendered as a social public service.”

According to Brooklyn Paper, Hook started his public ironing project in 2016, eventually joining forces with other ironing enthusiasts to start the Brooklyn Ironers’ Union. The group even earned recognition from then-borough president Eric Adams, whose current administration, frankly, could use some straightening out.


The Mallard Drake is no stranger to unique residencies. The Taqueria Ramirez team just wrapped up a stint slinging burgers, and the bar previously housed the Back Alley Bread pop-up.

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