If you’ve visited the Greenpoint Avenue station lately, you might have noticed some weird wire contraption running across the top of the track. Is it an art installation? A space for advertising? Just one of the MTA’s myriad quirks?

Greenpointers reached out to the MTA to figure out what was going on, and the answer was fairly straightforward. 

“Those pieces are for CBTC installation – they’ll hold the necessary cables for the project,” an MTA spokesperson told us.

It was announced in December 2022 that the G train would be upgraded with a modernized signaling system called CBTC, or communications-based train control. In order to upgrade the system, the MTA announced that they would be shutting down the G train for a few weeks this summer, Greenpointers first reported.

So there you go. We have tangible proof that the MTA is making headway on the project.


Was this the most exciting news story? No, but the people asked, and I answered. And that’s hyperlocal journalism, baybee!

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