Greenpointers of all ages woke up on Monday morning eager to see goodies from Santa all nestled snugly under the tree. However, for the residents of Huron Street, Christmas morning brought the return of our very own Greenpoint Grinch — the paper litterer. 

Or, at least, a paper litterer. 

Security camera footage uploaded to YouTube shows a perpetrator dumping paper onto Huron Street between Manhattan Avenue and McGuinness Boulevard (Huron Street can’t catch a break, it seems). The time stamp on the footage shows it took place around 5:47 a.m. on Christmas Day.

It is unclear from the footage whether the perpetrator is the same as one who spent years littering Noble Street, who Gothamist identified over the summer as NYPD Sergeant John Trzcinski, a Long Island resident who grew up in Greenpoint. Trzcinski got a slap on the wrist with the loss of one measly vacation day and has apparently since left Noble Street alone…

Could we be looking at a copycat or Trzcinski’s return? If you need me, I’ll be rewatching the footage again and again like I’m Kevin Costner and this is my own personal Zapruder film.


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