As temperatures dip lower and lower, it’s natural to consider seeking out someone to share a bit of body heat with (alternatively known as “cuffing season”). But if swiping left until you get carpal tunnel or humoring texts from your ex isn’t your thing, there’s a time-honored alternative — Craigslist Missed Connections.

We compiled this month’s collection of those looking for love locally. See if you recognize yourself.

A rare semi-positive experience on the G train

However, late-night connections may be hampered until 2027 thanks to overnight service interruptions (a shuttle bus just isn’t as sexy!).

The tunnel of love

Nothing makes the heart race like feeling someone’s eyes on you in a subway station.

U.S. Passion Service

Talk about finding love in a hopeless place.


A sort-of double date

Sorry to that other person, though (hopefully the feeling was at least mutual).

Ask for Janice a phone number

Your Venmo or mine?

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