A popular Manhattan bagel shop recently unveiled an outpost in Williamsburg.

North Brooklyn’s newest bagel destination, Leon’s Bagels (128 Bedford Ave.), is named after owner Chris Taha’s godfather. Taha proudly told Greenpointers that Leon “was known for his ability to bring people together, make them feel comfortable, and build that sense of community among his neighbors and friends.”

The owner of Leon’s Bagels, Chris Taha. Photo: Category Studios

The motto of Leon’s Bagels is “nothing fancy,” with a focus on simplicity. “My goal was to take the classic bagel shop and simplify the experience for our neighbors. I was tired of going into my local shop and feeling stressed on a Saturday morning,” Taha said.

Taha went on to describe a situation that many New Yorkers know all too well: yelling an order over the counter, not getting confirmation, guessing when to pay, and not knowing when the food will be ready.

“At Leon’s we try to make our process as stress free as possible. I am always thinking of ways to get the order out as fast and painless as possible for our neighbors,” said Taha. 

A simple classic from Leon’s Bagels. Photo: Leon’s Bagels

Williamsburg “was a natural choice for the second location” of Leon’s Bagels and where Taha began his career as an operator at the now-closed Summers (155 S 4th St.) restaurant.

During the pandemic, Taha was afraid of losing Summers and other local spots including Father Knows Best and Money Cat Vietnamese American, both located in Bushwick. “It made me think about making a career shift, like many in the industry. I took time to reflect on why I am in hospitality and why I chose to open my own places,” Taha said. 

“I had time to reminisce about my first job, as a kid, at my local bagel shop,” he continued. “It was my introduction to the world of hospitality, giving me valuable lessons that I use in business and life today.”

Taha also noted that the new Williamsburg shop is dear to his heart. “This location is extra special because it is bringing together both of my first experiences in hospitality, a bagel shop as a kid, and Summers as an operator,” Taha said.

The bacon, egg and cheese with chili crisp on an everything bagel from Leon’s Bagels. Photo: Leon’s Bagels

Leon’s Bagels uses the “highest quality ingredients,” and although the goal is to keep things simple, the shop still offers a variety of classic and unique bagel flavors.

One of the most popular orders at Leon’s Bagels is bacon, egg, and cheese with chili crisp on an everything bagel. A second popular option is sausage, egg, and cheese with hot honey, which sounds like it will fit in well in North Brooklyn. 

Leon’s Bagels is open Monday – Thursday 8 a.m. – 3 p.m. and Friday – Sunday 8 a.m. – 4 p.m.

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