North Brooklyn just can’t seem to get enough sushi. 

Or at least, that’s what the numerous sushi spots that have popped up this year alone are banking on. Sushi on Jones, a small NYC-based chain with locations in the West Village and Lower East Side, will soon become the latest entrant into the Greenpoint/Williamsburg sushi scene, joining other chains Sugarfish and Bondi. Aside from the NYC-based chains, independent spots like Verge Sushi and Shota Omakase also made their debut this year.

From @sushionjones/Instagram

According to Instagram, Sushi on Jones is “coming soon” to 97 North 10th Street. Sushi on Jones first opened in 2016 on Jones Street, operating out of a tiny, al fresco counter. Diners were limited to a 30-minute time slot for a 12-course omakase experience, for a flat fee of $50 (pre tip and tax). The original Jones Street counter has since shuttered, allowing for the Sushi on Jones team to expand to bigger spaces (and add more a la carte and drink options). Now, a 12-course omakase experience is priced at $68.

An expansion into Williamsburg has been in the works for quite some time. Eater NY first reported that Sushi on Jones was originally slated to open in the North 10th Street space back in 2019.

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