As the weather changes, so may your wardrobe — and, luckily, the neighborhood has a solid assortment of vintage, thrift, and secondhand wares for giving your closet a seasonal refresh while ignoring the siren’s song of fast fashion (at least firsthand). Check out our non-exhaustive roundup below!


Slightly tucked away at 120 Havemeyer Street in Williamsburg, Rabbits may look unassuming on the outside, but the small store is packed with unique vintage and current pieces alike, from quirky prints to old-school Chanel and beyond.

The Attic

Earlier this month, The Attic celebrated four years at 231 Grand Street, and for good reason. Not only can you find iconic pieces like authentic Pan Am travel bags, lived-in Levi’s, and an impressive selection of graphic tees, but the woman-owned store also holds events like tarot readings, flash tattoos, and Pride pop-ups.

10ft Single by Stella Dallas / Stella Dallas Living

While the Stella Dallas assortment at 281 and 285 N 6th Street can definitely run a bit pricey, the selection is still something to behold. From perfectly broken-in cowboy boots to wedding gowns to home textiles, this is the perfect stop for someone looking to invest in some classic quality pieces. Bonus: There’s a shop dog.


Not only is Amarcord‘s 223 Bedford Avenue boutique filled with show-stopping designer vintage fashion (which is priced as such), it’s also incredibly aesthetically pleasing — windows are updated to match the season and all of the racks are satisfyingly color coded. Even if you leave empty-handed, this spot is definitely worth a visit.


Monk Vintage

You’re gonna want to give yourself a solid chunk of time to sift through Monk. At 500 Driggs Ave, the store offers racks upon racks of categorized women’s and men’s secondhand clothes, from on-trend styles to more vintage pieces, scattered with housewares, furniture, and accessories. You’re sure to find something unique here, it might just take a bit of patience.

Buffalo Exchange

Probably one of the more commonly known options in the area is Buffalo Exchange at 504 Driggs Avenue. Often parodied on TikTok for their puzzling buying policies compared to the fast fashion among the racks, shopping here is a bit of a your-results-may-vary exercise, but it’s definitely good to pay it a visit, especially for recognizable brands and reasonable prices.


If “normal” clothes are what you’re in the market for, Crossroads at 135 N 7th Street is likely your best bet. On any given day, the racks are densely populated with business casual wear, jeans, tees, jackets, bags, and beyond from brands like ZARA, Madewell, Topshop, and more.


Secondhand shopping should be as inclusive as it is sustainable. Plus BKLYN at 490 Metropolitan Ave (though they just signed a lease at 671 Manhattan Avenue) is doing just that with curated pre-loved clothing and vintage selections from statement pieces to basics in sizes 0X-6X.

Wonders of Walter

No leisurely stroll through the neighborhood is complete without a stop at Wonders of Walter. The no-frills vintage garage owned by a first-generation Ukrainian-American immigrant at 135 Berry Street has quite literally everything, from neon, nostalgia-inducing Umbro shorts to NASCAR jackets to old family reunion tees — you just have to be willing to sift through the racks to find them.

Awoke Vintage

You’ve probably seen this one on TikTok. Awoke Vintage has not one, not two, but three locations throughout Greenpoint and Williamsburg for your vintage shopping pleasure. The store is artfully curated with vintage denim and quirky pieces, and even if nothing among the clothes catches your eye (or fits in your budget), their cute accessories are also worth the visit.

Beacon’s Closet

Another thrift behemoth in Greenpoint is Beacon’s Closet. At 74 Guernsey Street, the 5500-square-foot store is the chain’s oldest and largest and has been named the “Best NYC Thrift Store” by Gothamist. The store is packed to the brim with roughly (depending on how enthusiastic shoppers have been that day) color-coded racks of men’s and women’s clothes — from everyday to unique fashion — plus shoes, bags, sunglasses, and other fun gifts.

Dobbin St. Vintage Co-op

Maybe your apartment wants a fall makeover, too. Dobbin St. Vintage Co-op at 39 Norman Avenue and 521 Grand Street boasts new vintage furniture and home decor daily, including picks like velvet couches, ornate rugs, and glass coffee tables. And the best part about visiting the store is you can see the pieces in situ for some added interior design inspo.


Thrifting isn’t just for mom and dad. Since 2019, Parachute has been selling gently-used modern and vintage clothes for ages 0-12 at 151 Norman Avenue. And the store also gives back — anything not sold is donated and distributed among local charity partners North Brooklyn Angels and St. Thomas Closet.

Mirth Vintage

Mirth Vintage is dedicated to the concept of the capsule wardrobe — timeless, well-loved pieces to last season after season. The 606 Manhattan Ave shop zeroes in on minimalist style with muted earth tones and solid silhouettes (leaving the larger-than-life prints and ironic graphic tees to the others).

For even more thrifting in the neighborhood, check out The Complete NYC Vintage Map.

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  1. Are you kidding me? You ought to have a guide on where NOT to buy vintage. Vintage stores are on every block it seems.

    There are people who don’t like vintage especially senior people that just want to buy regular clothes not vintage before even they were born.

  2. Vintage ? That’s what you are calling it? Call it by it’s real name… USED CLOTHING ! Most likely clothes donated for good will or ransacked from drop off’s at the Salvation Army

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