Do you remember the 21st night of September? One hopeful romantic does — according to a recent Craigslist Missed Connection, sparks were flying during a chance drunken encounter in the infamous Delancey-Essex Burger King (not to be confused with the also infamous Delancey-Essex McDonalds).

The Williamsburg Bridge stroll to sober up is not for the weak, so we can only imagine that that also contributed to the poster’s attraction. Let’s hope that this Manhattan-Williamsburg long-distance relationship can survive against the odds — and that the Adam Sackler impersonator hasn’t rekindled with his Hannah or Jessa (god forbid) back on this side of the East River.

If you were drunk in the Delancey-Essex Burger King on the night of September 1 and awed by the capital of Missouri (just to narrow down what is likely a large pool), love awaits.

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