As a hot, humid summer continues in Brooklyn, one local 7-year-old has plans to help neighbors beat the heat and support a good cause. Tomorrow, August 9, from 4:30 to 6:30 p.m., Happy Lemons Lemonade will be selling lemonade in McGolrick Park during its weekly McGolrick Nights event with 50% of proceeds benefitting North Brooklyn Angels.

At the heart of Happy Lemons is Owen Botham, a 7-year-old student at P.S. 110 who freshly squeezes and sweetens all the lemonade he serves. With help from his mom, Allie Caran, Owen kicked off the stand two years ago and has since expanded flavor offerings to include varieties like lavender, strawberry, and blueberry twist (the former two will be available this Wednesday, along with good old-fashioned original lemonade).

The lemonades are an absolute steal at $1.50, and a purchase also lends a helping hand to neighbors. Originally, Owen and Happy Lemons’ goal was to help incoming asylum seekers at the McCarren Recreation Center (a plan announced last week), but as they’re not currently accepting donations, Happy Lemons pivoted efforts to North Brooklyn Angels, which will receive half of the lemonade earnings to help them provide regular hot meals and additional resources to those in need.

Can’t make it to McGolrick? Happy Lemons is also selling “virtual” lemonades for $1.50 via Venmo to those who’d still like to support a worthy cause.

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