Transportation has been a hot-button issue in Greenpoint as of late, but one thing that everyone can agree on is that service on the G-train could use some improvements (AKA I’m sick of taking the damn shuttle bus to and from the Bedford-Nostrand station!)

Luckily, the MTA recently announced a new rollout of subway service enhancements, starting this month. Weekend service will be enhanced starting with the G, J, and M lines. The MTA aims for midday 8-minute service on the G-train starting in December. 

According to a press release,“[w]ith the passage of the FY 2024 New York State Budget, the MTA will receive an additional $35 million for subway service enhancements.”

Increased weekend service means that trains should arrive every 8-9 minutes instead of 10-11 minutes. The MTA estimates that 2.9 million riders will benefit from the improvements.

Aside from speeding up service, the MTA announced last year their intention to modernize the G-train’s signaling system, awarding a $368 million contract to implement CBTC (communications-based train control), bringing the train from the literal Great Depression-era into 2023 (although to be fair, most lines still operate with that decades-old technology).


For more ideas on the ways that the MTA can make the G-train better, check out this recent op-ed from a community member.

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