Two months later, Turkey is still reeling from the 7.8-magnitude earthquake that struck on February 6 and resulted in over 50,000 deaths and 100,000 injuries. For the month of April, Little Rascal is donating all proceeds from baklava sales to a relief effort started by Turkish chef Türev Uludağ.

Partial translation: “When food is shared with another person, the taste doubles and the pain halves. “

So how ?

65 days later and water is still a serious problem.
We prepared a meal for 72,000 people yesterday in the kitchen we built.

This needs to continue with a structure that is not short term, inclusive, sustainable, planned, steps forward for the future.

We will continue to have our presence here with you.

The 130 Franklin Street cocktail bar is an extension of Little Rascal’s popular Nolita location, and its menu and decor pays homage to owners Halil and Öner Gündogdu’s Turkish roots—including the aforementioned baklava, their popular dessert sourced from “Elmaci Pazari Güllüoglu” (also known as “The Oldest Baklava Shop of the World”), from a region directly affected by the quake.

Funds raised will aid Uludağ’s work in providing hundreds of thousands of meals daily to those impacted (many left hungry and homeless) via four kitchens established in different cities throughout Turkey with other local chefs on site.

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