Another big brand just made its way to Williamsburg. At least, temporarily.

And yes, just like the recently opened UGG Feel House, House of Showfields, and Glossier, this yearlong H&M pop-up at 92 North 6th Street is the latest in “experiential” retail (meaning, don’t just expect to walk in and buy something like in a regular store).

“H&M sees it as a style destination and lab, a first-of-its-kind revolving house of fashion, with an ever-changing new theme every four to 12 weeks,” reports Forbes.

The first iteration of the 7,000-square-foot pop-up (and the brand’s advertising campaign as a whole) takes inspiration from a stylish French brasserie, where fashionistas can linger and people watch for hours over aperitifs and steak tartare.

Brasserie Hennes offers up a curated selection of H&M’s more festive party attire, running through the holiday season until December 30.


“We’re constantly trying to engage and reach our customer in new and exciting ways and this new space shows how we’re moving forward with a customer-centric versus a product-centric mindset,” Linda Li, Head of Customer Activation & Marketing for H&M Americas, told Forbes. “We’re looking at this new store experience as a test, and while we don’t have any plans to reveal at the moment, we are always open to new possibilities.”

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