Compton’s, a sandwich shop with two locations in Astoria, is expanding to Greenpoint. Compton’s will open its third location at 99 Franklin, which used to be home to another sandwich shop that shared its name with the address. 

99 Franklin served up delicious breakfast and lunch sandwiches, plus thoughtful sides and desserts. The tiny space in the front secretly opened up into a speakeasy-style bar in the back.

99 Franklin closed recently and turned over quickly, becoming Compton’s, with new signage already up. This is not surprising as Alex, the owner of Compton’s, was a co-owner of 99 Franklin. 

Alex told Greenpointers that it is “very exciting” to be opening the small chain’s third location. His plan is to open Compton’s Greenpoint storefront the first week of March. “Looks like we’re on track, but you know how that goes,” he laughed. 

The exterior of Compton’s at 99 Franklin St. in Greenpoint, getting ready to open in March.

Alex told Greenpointers that Compton’s was acknowledged as the best sandwich shop in Astoria for the past two years. BOAST, a website that is “the place to get information about the great things in Astoria and Long Island City,” named Compton’s number 1 in the Best Sandwich category in 2021 and 2022. The website wrote that their survey was “partial to the Michelle, Debbie or Jaclyn sandwiches, but they’re all incredibly good and will keep you satisfied!”


The three aforementioned sandwiches are just a tiny portion of Compton’s menu that is overflowing with quality sandwich options. The menu includes cold subs, hot subs, wraps, burgers, and breakfast sandwiches, plus several salads, sides, and small bites.

The Michelle sandwich includes turkey, brie, sliced apple, caramelized onions, arugula, and honey dijon on a soft seeded semolina hero. The Debbie has homemade tuna salad, sliced apple, red onion, lettuce, and wasabi aioli on toasted roll. 

The Jaclyn is a great vegetarian option with fried eggplant, fresh mozzarella, roasted red peppers, arugula, pesto, and fig balsamic drizzle on a toasted semolina hero. There is another, meatier, vegetarian sandwich called the Beyond Cheesesteak with Beyond meat, caramelized onions, sweet peppers, American cheese, and mayo on toasted semolina bread.

Compton’s Rob cold sandwich with turkey and avocado. Photo: Compton’s

For lunch, one of the most popular options is the Vodka Chicken Parm with breaded chicken tenders, sharp provolone, ricotta spread, house vodka sauce, and Italian seasoning on a toasted seeded semolina hero.

Compton’s also named a sandwich after us, though whether it’s the neighborhood or our site is unclear. The Greenpointer sandwich includes two eggs over-medium, a choice of bacon, sausage, ham or turkey bacon, American cheese, latkes, and Mike’s Hot Honey on a toasted poppy seed Kaiser roll.

Alex said that the Greenpoint location of Compton’s will be open seven days a week, starting at 8 a.m. and “will be aiming to stay open for the late-night crowd Thursday to Sunday.”

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  1. Thank goodness…makes no sense why there aren’t more sandwich shops in Williamsburg/Greenpoint. This is a welcomed addition to the area!

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