Calicornucopia is back at Calico! Calicornucopia 11, Calico’s 11th annual affordable holiday art show, is on display at 67 West St, Ste. 203 until January 8. 

Over the past decade, Calico has become a hub for established and emerging artists in the community, with the goal of also making art accessible to the neighborhood. 

Featuring various paintings, drawings, prints, textiles, and ceramic pieces, the exhibit will feature the works of Adams Puryear, Adam Void, Aimee Lusty, Allison Maletz, Amanda Browder, Anna Kiljunen, Caroline Burghardt, Chris Bruneaux, Chris Smith, Christian DeFilippo, Colleen Blackard, David B. Smith, Eric Mavko, Hannah Lamar, Jennifer Caviola, Jessica Campbell, John Fleming, John Mckanna, Julia van Hoogstraten, Julian Rapp, Julie Parsons, Kate Nielsen, Kenley Darling, Kirkland Bray, Kit Tyson, Mark Mann, Rich Cali, Sara Cervantes, Steph Becker, Thomas Dupere, Todd Koelmel, and more.

“I started doing the Calicornucopia exhibits back in 2012 – the first year Calico was open. The main thing I had in mind was accessibility to art. These end-of-year shows always present works priced $300 or less, and this seems to be a very approachable price point. I get folks that are new to buying art coming into Calico for the first time as well as seasoned gallery-goers that recognize what a good deal they may find. 

As a gallerist, this big group show is an opportunity to introduce new artists each year to the core group I typically work with, which sometimes leads to future exhibition ideas. It’s also fun to install 100 or more pieces of artwork in my small gallery here in Greenpoint and a nice way to wrap up another year of exhibitions.”  

Scott Chasse, Founder and Director

With the available art priced at $300 or less, sales are cash-and-carry, or you can purchase online via the Calico website. The gallery will also be open for other available art-for-sale on Saturdays and Sundays from 1-5pm (except Christmas weekend and New Year’s Day).


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