Brooklyn Brewery is making moves. The local brewery recently announced plans to relocate its flagship facility from the current location on North 11th Street four blocks north to 1 Wythe Avenue. 

Brooklyn Brewery hopes to open this new location in summer of 2024, with development starting at the end of 2022. Brooklyn Brewery will occupy half of the building at 1 Wythe Avenue. The brewery will use 41,000 square feet of space on the lower level, first, and fourth floors of the building’s total 82,000 square footage.

“When we moved to Williamsburg in 1991, spaces were practically being given away…,” said Brooklyn Brewery’s CEO, Eric Ottaway. “Obviously Williamsburg has completely transformed, and is now one of the most desirable neighborhoods in the city.” 

Ottaway started looking for new spaces in 2019, working with Nathaniel Mallon, Managing Partner of Verada, who brokered the transaction. Mallon approached the ownership group of 1 Wythe and presented the idea of Brooklyn Brewery as the anchor tenant. 

Mallon further explains, “It just made sense; keep the Brewery in the neighborhood they helped create, fill a zoning requirement for manufacturing space, design and build a top notch facility. Brooklyn Brewery was holding out for the right opportunity and we are thrilled to have found the perfect location at 1 Wythe.” 

From left to right: Robin Ottaway, President of Brooklyn Brewery; Eric Ottaway, CEO of Brooklyn Brewery; Garrett Oliver, Brooklyn Brewery Brewmaster; Nathaniel Mallon, Managing Partner of Verada; Brendan Thrapp, Managing Partner of Verada. Photo: Brooklyn Brewery

“We are thrilled that Brooklyn Brewery is going to be able to stay here in Williamsburg and expand their facility in the Greenpoint-Williamsburg Industrial Business Zone.,” said Leah Archibald, Executive Director of Evergreen: Your North Brooklyn Business Exchange. 

Evergreen, which was formerly the East Williamsburg Valley Industrial Development Corporation, is a membership organization that champions manufacturing, creative production, and industrial service businesses in North Brooklyn and beyond, according to its website.

“This is exactly what we hoped the IBIA zoning tool would accomplish; allowing for additional commercial growth in exchange for creating space to retain local manufacturers in our community,” continued Archibald.

Brooklyn Brewery’s Ottaway said, “We are excited to be staying in the neighborhood we’ve called home for 35 years,” while the brewery’s PR representative, Sarah Usher, followed up, saying, “We’ll have much more to share on this next year.”

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