If Craigslist is anything to go by, it’s been a big month for the L train. And getting from the L to the 4 at Union Square apparently isn’t the only connection to be concerned about. According to three different missed connections, a lot of lovelorn riders are feeling the effects of a lonely cuffing season this year.

Most recently, (presumably) three cuties bonded over a canine connection. The dog in question even received a compliment from the mystery cutie, who left before the sentiment could be requited. Luckily, there’s always enough affection for local pups to go around.

And in October, two very different, yet equally endearing, encounters occurred on said line. While we’re unclear as to whether the blood was part of a costume or not, sharing Twix (left or right?!) is always a sweet move. While the second couple seemed to be dressed in more conventional garb, we’re rooting for everyone to find love all the same. Who knew the MTA could be so romantic?

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