Cinephiles, rejoice! This week, celebrate the 15th Annual Bushwick Film Festival in none other than Williamsburg. (And not the fabled “East Williamsburg,” either.)

For the remainder of the week through Sunday, Williamsburg Cinemas at 217 Grand St. will be hosting screenings of over 90 cross-genre films including shorts, narratives, and documentaries spanning sci-fi, coming-of-age themes, love stories, and so much more.

The festivities will also include an invite-only industry brunch and live readings of work-in-progress screenplays before culminating in a closing awards ceremony on November 7. This week of programming all ladders up to BFF’s pillars of community building, empowering underrepresented storytellers, and increasing diversity in film and media.

The festival kicked off with two opening parties last night: one at Lot 45 and the other (where else?) in the Metaverse.

Get your tickets here.


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